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Hi Richard:

Really? You blew be off like you do not understand that the book a serpent and the rainbow has alot more info in it than the drugs issue. The doctor's life became affected and he was NOT doing the drugs! You really need to stop acting like my questions are not worth thinking about....

As to yuwipi ceremonies... Randi has never proven one to be false! And your contention that a little rattle is no big deal to fake... what about the lights in the air the bound up man with hands bound... I will tell you that it is not completely dark in the room and you can see if there are people helping to untie him.... and for you to act like you can disregard all that info in one fell swoop and go to myths in Islam... well you are trying hard to avoid the subject!


Good morning Mystykal,

I am not saying your questions are not worthy talking about. My point is that mere story telling is not the same thing as evidence. You appeal to stories that cannot be confirmed as true. Therefore, they do not prove what you are trying to prove. That's all.

I don't understand why you keep pushing the yuwipi as proof of anything. Flying rattles? That sounds ridiculous. Why can't they provide any evidence? Because the stories are almost certainly fake like all the others that have been totally debunked.

You passionately believe things that appear to be irrational and have never been able to provide any evidence that I can test. So what am I to do? Are you really saying that I should believe every supernatural claim I hear? That would make me a complete fool. So what do you want me to do? I can't say I believe things that look irrational and have no proof.

Great chatting,