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    Conversations with Gambini about Goats, Sex, and his Momma

    [MODERATOR NOTE: This thread was split from the Genetic Entropy thread.]

    Quote Originally Posted by Gambini View Post
    Yes, you DID refuse to answer and you know it. I FULLY ADMIT that I was trying to get you to *ADMIT* that you do NOT believe the things I mentioned are morally wrong. Why? Because I KNOW there is no rational way for you to say they are morally wrong UNDER YOUR MORAL THEORY. That's the whole point. It is *OBVIOUS* to anyone with half a brain that you KNEW this and simply dodged the questions. And I didn't lie when I said your moral theory ALLOWS for circumstances under which child molestation is okay. You *FALSELY* (that is, you LIED) claimed I said that you *SAID* child molestation was okay under certain circumstances. BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT I SAID DUDE!!! What I SAID was your MORAL THEORY *ALLOWS* for child molestation under certain circumstances. I was making an ARGUMENT. Do you see the difference? ...

    Hello Bini

    You are guilty as charged based on these three points:

    1. To say that Richard's moral theory "Allows" for child molestation in certain circumstances, is the same as saying Richard thinks child molestation is okay in certain circumstances.

    2. A child can never be a consenting adult, thus an adult could never say that a child consented to being molested under any circumstances.

    3. Molestation by its very description is a crime and immoral, so it could never be allowed under any circumstances. A moral theory that allowed for child molestation under ANY circumstances would be immoral.

    Kind regards,
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