The Solomon Decision, by Bob Smith, Foreman AR, 11/94

Solomon's Decision: To cut the babe in half! We're horrified at such a gross incision..
At first we think: "How could he!" ?
It's a blow below the belt..
But second thoughts of the conclusion
reveals how wisdom's dealt.

The Mother's true reaction: To let the baby live!
Even if the care of him, wasn't hers to give..
And maybe she could visit, or see him now and then,
Especially when she told him that she had known him when...

Solomon's Decision: To cut the babe in half!
Sheep & Goats no longer such a blend..
Mankind separated like the wheat & chaff;
By the special Sword of Truth whom God did send!

In the devil's territory...yet we're not alone,
Surrounded by the Tares, but soon we're going home.
One mother was the real one; the other was a liar...
Now that we are full grown, get ready for the fire!

The Godly wisdom given to Solomon supports the allegory of how mankind is both wheat and tare's,
and is being raised in the devil's territory.