WORDS Psalm 107:20
Good things to eat and not just from the store..
Word-eating people have a taste for much more!
It's not only the food for our belly and body,
Our mind must have also the mental hot toddy!

Words that are clever, Words that bemuse,
To give us directions, or tell us the News!
Words that enlighten, Words that inspire..
To ponder and wonder with mental perspire.

Words quite sublime, and even profound,
To start the gears turning and also astound!
Words most peculiar, Words that are sad..
That bore us or drive us infernally mad!

Words that are bitter, Words that are sweet,
Sometimes they even put wings on our feet!

We feed them to others; this food for the brain,
Proteins of thought to help run their train.
Scintillating, titillating, alphabet soup..
Expressions and phrases that we try to regroup.

We feed them to others--they feed them to us,
And sometimes it makes us so mad, we could cuss!
We don't like the taste, or the food "for the birds"..
And it's all so humiliating to eat our own Words!

In the logic of God THE WORD is THE TRUTH...
A kind of Bread for the Head,
And after you're weaned from the Milk of The Word,
You'll need to start chewing instead..

The butter will come from churning the milk,
by mulling it over in thought,
We'll know you've swallowed the whale of a tale
When you say "Look here what God has wrought!"