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    Having an Appearance of Design vs. Intentional Design

    When people design things, it is always with specific purposes and goals in mind. Whether it is a machine designed for a specific task or a painting an artist designs to capture a beautiful landscape ... humans design things with intention and have a planned outcome in mind. An agent who has a specific goal in mind that fulfills a need, is what sets human designers apart from evolutionary design that is caused by environmental pressures.

    Looking around at nature many plants and animals have the appearance of being designed, because they fit in so well with the environment they are found in, but adapting to an environment is quite different then being designed for that specific environment. For example: people purposely designed snowmobiles to operate in snowy, cold conditions and they purposely designed insulated, waterproof coats to keep people warm and dry in those snowy, cold conditions … whereas, Polar Bears weren’t specifically designed to live the cold arctic regions, rather they evolved and adapted over millions of years by survival of the strongest and fittest.

    If a human designer was able to intentionally set about to create an animal like the Polar Bear that would be optimal in cold, arctic environments, they could do a much better job in a far shorter amount of time. There is not one plant or animal that exists on earth that could not be improved upon by a human designer if they had the knowledge and skill to do so. All living organisms on our planet do look amazingly designed, but there is not one that is optimal, or one that could not be improved upon in some way. Secondly, many organisms that we see (like mosquitoes) have no clear purpose for existing as one would expect if they were designed for a specific reason.
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