Sailing. 1Tim1:19, Jn6:21
If the storms of life have rocked your boat and turned you all but loose,
And you're upset and mad at those who've helped to cook your goose..
Remember you're a vessel too, and don't get shipwrecked in your mind,
Listen to some sound advice, and to your ears be kind.

Your boat won't sink or even founder If the Lord is there with you..
And you can choose!..He won't refuse to join your motley crew..
The minute Peace gets in the boat, you'll be on the Other Side..
Your sails of fortune soon will fill, So you'll enjoy the ride!

John 6:21 tells us "they willingly received [Jesus] into the ship; and immediately the ship was at the land whither they went." Can't you just picture the rooster-tail on that ship!