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    Interesting observation about Jesus message to us..

    After continually researching and collecting information and facts on all the various world view's and belief systems both modern and historical, that try to explain our existence as a species. I am continually impressed with one glaring difference between Jesus message to us and every other belief system. If you are privy to some information that would show this to be otherwise then i would very much love to look over it. ;-).

    Category I systems: No meaning systems.

    In this category i would put all secular, humanist, and post modern world views. There is No God, Life has developed as a fact of random chance, there is no absolute right or wrong but merely the right and wrong as discerned on an individual level. There is no absolute meaning to life other than the meaning you choose to believe at any given moment in time. You live your life then its lights out and game over.

    A. In this system there is nothing really that you must or must not do to reach your destination as there is no destination to reach.

    Category II systems: Do over systems . Reincarnation.

    In this category I would put all world view and belief systems that espouse a belief in Recycled life. In this system there can by an absolute truth to experience, learn, or otherwise discover. In the attempt to "find" this truth we are fated to continually live, die, and live again, hopefully making progress from one lifetime to the next on our journey to a final destination of enlightenment.

    A. In this system there are a set of Rules of things that you can do and things you must not do in order to reach the end of your journey. (IE. steps forward and steps backwards.)

    Category III systems: Earn your way systems. (All Religious systems that do not fall in Cat. I and II and the majority there of)

    The majority of Religions follow this model with only the rules differing from system to system. In the strictest sense I would call this the definition of Religion. These systems teach that you must do several things and not do several other things in order to find favor with God and successfully complete your journey and reach your eternal reward.

    Category IV: True teaching of Jesus.

    There is nothing that you can do in and of yourself...... You cannot be good enough to get to heaven..... You cannot escape eternal damnation and judgement of God. You are infected with a virus that you cannot cure yourself of.... in the short your screwed. From my observations and view of humanity over the ages I find this to be very true. Now if this was the End of the Story it would be the bleakest and most depressing of all belief systems. One that makes you feel the Most Unloved and Betrayed by your creator... In fact even down right Angry and Hostile towards him.

    Luckily for Us that is NOT the end of the Story. ;-).

    Jesus teaching continued....

    Because I LOVE you so Much....... Because you are my heart.... I am Willing..... I am offering.... To take all your wickedness.... all your take your JUST punishment upon myself.... so that you can be redeemed...but when you accept my offer you must agree to turn from your previous ways and follow me to paradise..... Trust in me for everything and i will lead you to paradise.... I am the Way the Truth and the Life...... all else is death and destruction.

    If you have made that choice then you understand what i am talking about... some things you can only know by experiencing them first hand...... If you have not choose THE Way and continue on the other path then the whole premise just seems foolish and way to easy.

    I know of no other system filled with more Love and Truth then this. I know of no other hope for humankind then this. I find it foolish that Mankind can be good enough to save themselves from themselves. I find it foolish to believe that somehow technology will eventually save us from our own inherent natures. In my estimation it is the very Nature of humankind that is the greatest Proof for this Absolute Truth.

    As Always though i am very open to any evidence, facts, ideas that can show another Point of View.

    With an utter devotion to Truth,

    In short

    Salvation through Jesus ---- Jesus pays for your travel to final destination.
    Religion ---- You earn your own travel costs.
    Non Religion ------- There is no destination to travel too. Just subjective wandering until death.
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    Good post Mathjar. Expect it to get stomped on, derided, or possibly ignored.

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    Great categories, Matthjar, and I would add about Nehemiah 8:12 where those who UNDERSTOOD the scripture were "filled with mirth"! Implying they learned things not previously known?
    Dux allows: "It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out the matter". Pr25:2

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