I belive for the word ONE. In this 3 kapitals are is not only One. In this 3 Kapitals is the Word Eon two. In one word we can see that the power for Eon One is. For eon only One God, The God of arabic Allah.

Eon in hebr. is Olm. The numerely value of Olm is 140 ayin+lam+mem

140 Olm+66 "Allah"=206=26 YHVH.
140 Olm+26 "YHVH"=166. For Eon is only One two six the only One Power. Thats mean only Allah YHVH is the power for Eon.

The Truth for eon is. 140+92 mchmd+441 amth=673 the 7 is the Sabbat of 63 Nbia to eon.