Nim-loth from Númenor, the white tree of gondor is a silver plantane.
after the tree dies he will get his second life in second heaven with new fruits.
plantan is the tree of da'ath, they are really sick down on earth, and so sick is also the reflection to the entities.
do you now understand what i pray you - long long time ago - friends
this tree is also called the snake tree, cause of the similarity of snake skin patterns.

my conclusion is, that the entities of snakey stars had to clear this problem together with us, empathycally, telepathically and down on earth.

so what is the next tree wich is sick sick sick like a dog?

and the real old word in hebrev for plantane is hidden, cause babylon translation or any other translaters fails here definitly!

magical blue light from a door, like you could found in the kabbalah of prophet ‏ירמיה‎
The Secret of NIMH

you cant create without kabbalah, something is intense

================================================== ===============
these kind of instruction and motivation is an surrugat from wittgensteins "tractatus logicus"
its a mystery for magical scientist