This discussion series, we focus on discussing silly questions so as to force ourselves to look a different perceptive whilst reducing our prejudice. Should Marital Rae be allowed? The obvious answer is a resounding NO. If so why many countries still allow Marital Rape? Even if the marital rape is committed, the offender is seldom or reluctantly prosecuted. Often the offender is the husband and the wife is not charged for negligence of duty. Please note that I am for criminalization of marital rape. I am just providing info on the for and against marital rape as stated in articles for discussion. The definition of Marital Rape : is the non-consensual sex in which the perpetrator is the victim's spouse. See wiki:

Yes Marital Rape should be criminalized:
1. It violates human rights to use force on someone
2. Sex must be consensual, otherwise, it's rape
3. It is traumatic to the spousal victim
4. The husband has no right over the wife's body
5. How can the spouse live with a rapist?
6. The wife has the right to self-determination
7. Marital raped should be considered based on situations eg. the spouse is sick, advance pregnancy, mourning etc.
8. The wife has a right to control her own body
9. Fits the definition of rape.

No, Marital Rape should not be criminalized
1. Marriage is a contract in which both parties should observe the right to procreate
2. It's a violation of the spouse duty if the spouse refused to have sex
3. It goes against cultural and religious obligations in which the husband has a right to the wife's body
4. It may lead to financial and social problems to the family if the spouse is charged with marital rape
5. The spouse may seek revenge or retaliation after release from the charge of marital rape
6. It may cause more marital discords after the spouse is release from the charge of marital rape leading to divorce
7. The husband may seek other avenues such as adultery, prostitution, polygamy, abscondment etc. if the spouse refused sex.
8. It is the right of the husband to have sex with the wife
9. Charged with marital rape and to divorce is a stigma
10. Offenders are usually not charged or given light sentence
11. Marital rape not consider rape under penal law
12. it is in the interest of both spouse not to cause a divorce or conflict

Yes and No
1. Marital rape should be settled between husband and wife as a private matter with little outside intervention
2. It depends on the amount of force, cruelty or violence used before it can be charged as marital rape
3. To be fair, both spouse should be charged, one for marital rape, the other for negligence of duty
4. Marital rape should be charged based on case by case basis taking into all considerations
5. As long as no body injury, physical mark, cruelty, dangerous violence, no marital rape to be charged
6. Marital rape cannot be prosecuted under ordinary rape laws.
7. Marital rape applied only to forced vaginal intercourse
8. Marital rape only considered if the couple is separated

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