The Love Boat by Bob Smith of Foreman
The Ark was a long time preparing, and only 8 souls were aboard...
Noah had built it of gopher wood, as instructed by the Lord.
He preached back then of righteousness, warning them into the Ark,
They closed their eyes and tuned him out; the light they had was all dark!

The 2nd Ark was quite a bit different, though it traveled on the water too,
It carried a newborn babe named Moses, with a message from God to the Jew..
That frail little boat carried just one, to a people foreign to him..
So he grew up in Egypt; from there he led out his own kin.

It was Moses himself who had the 3rd Ark built, according to specifications..
It signified the presence of Almighty God to all of those heathen nations.
He had it overlaid with gold, and they kept it in the Holiest place,
They had a long, long walk to the water; and it was God who set the pace.
They hurried to keep up with the cloud, and at night they followed the fire,
They carried the boat on their shoulders, so they really must have perspired!

Well...They finally arrived at the Jordan River, carrying that Golden Boat,
They must have wondered if all that gold would make it too heavy to float.
Imagine their consternation!...just as the feet of the priests got wet..
The waters rolled back in a heap, and they had to carry it further yet!

That Ark never took to the water, though they carried it all over the land..
but it won for them many a battle, when their enemies recognized God's hand.
It never did carry flesh and bone, but 3 items were carried inside...
The Tablets, the Manna, and the Rod that budded, all went along for the ride!

God in 3 persons were all in the Ark, with the angels looking down from above,
The gold wrapper protected the contents--it carried a boatful of love!
I can't help thinking "Rub a dub dub", that rhyme I learned as a babe...
Who says the things you teach a child won't help him later to be saved?

Did you ever have a day when nothing went right?
When you wondered what else could go wrong?

I wonder if those Priests felt that way, as they carried the Boat along..
It wasn't funny to them, I'm sure, but I couldn't help but laugh --
When Moses was in charge of things, he made them drink the golden calf!

Our new-Ark rides on Living Water, and it's going to take to the air...
and you don't need a ticket, because Jesus paid the fare.
The Ark is loading now at the dock; we're going in by two's..
So grab your brother by the hand, and tell him all about the Good News!