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So, now you are comparing yourself to the mentality of an animal?

All humans share humanness and as such should be afforded equal human rights!

According to Evolution, when did humans stop being animals?

Put the question another way. What was the single change at which point humanness began?
Come on David! I thought you were more intelligent than that. You know perfectly well what I speaking of when I said that to Cheow. To refresh your memory I posted his quote below:

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Look at the animal kingdom and tell me which kind of animals are there equality in gender. There will still be a leader of the pack which is usually the alpha male; to a small extent the alpha female. And that system has been going on for the so call millions of years. Blame it on your Evolution God for the survival of the fittest and natural selection! Humans have been living for the supposed several million years and yet still cannot achieve equal rights for gender.