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Thanks sylvius, but please specify what you mean by "Ain't all sex forced?". We are eager to know.

It reminds me of the formula: Force + Sex = Rape, therefore, Force + Rape = Sex . Rose will like the formula. Just joking, the actual formula should be Force - Rape = Sex. Either way Rose will still like it.

God Bless.
Any object starting from a state of rest requires a force to get it in motion; this is a basic law of motion.

The term rape needs to be correctly defined; here is one definition; maybe you can think of a better definition.

Rape = involuntary sex done under duress

Now apply that to the captive women that were taken as wives. We can say the women were captured by force, but "taken as wives" does not mean that they were forced to become wives. What happened if they did not want to become wives? We simply are not told. Would they have been killed or just let go to fend for themselves? The answer is; we do not know and it could have been the latter.

The word "taken" is misleading, if we think it means to take by force. Something can be taken by way of acceptance. Think of the marriage vow, "Do you take this woman to be your wife....?"

There was provision in the law for women taken in captivity and this we can take to apply in the case of the 32,000 virgins in Numbers 31. Read Deut 21: 10 -14 There we read the phrase; "if thou have no delight in her". You can read into that what you will, but it is just as valid to say that those women who regretted becoming wives and did not want to please their husband, whether that was before, or after their first act of sex that was done voluntary after the women had accepted their husbands, the woman could be let go free and were not to be sold.

It is clear that despite the horrors of war, that the human rights of those women captured were respected. Compare the law to which the Children of Israel were subject to, with the conduct of the surrounding nations in similar circumstances. If any nation is to be accused of barbarism, it would apply to those nations that were already an abomination to God.