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In this classroom discussion series, I would like to discuss in relation to Rose views on the male gender bias in the Bible using "what if" scenarios. Participants are reminded that questions may sound silly and sensitive but relevant to gaining insight into these issues. Viewers discretion is advised. Please also understand that there are always exceptions and alternatives to the issues and to be free from our own prejudice. You should give your response as Yes And Noeven if it sounds ridiculous so as to reduce personal bias and prejudice.

Is Polyandry Good for the Woman? Discuss.

No. Because:
1. It will be very tedious for the woman to "entertain" her husbands... imagine having 5 husbands and some male concubines!
2. The polyandrogous woman may not feel loved and cared for but as a sex and birth machine; thus leading to depresssion
3. Husbands will have to queue in line if he wanted the woman to bear his own child every 9 months. Even that, he may wonder if the child born is really his own flesh and blood.
4. Husbands frustrated of waiting for his turn may look at other avenues such as other women to satisfy their sexual and fathering urges.
5. Woman may die from stress due to multiple birth every 9 months, infant care and duties of looking after the children and housework.
6. Husbands and male concubines will be "redundant" beside work and helping to do housework and looking after their own children. They are naturally less suitable for infant care....breast feeding etc.
7. Children will be neglected by their mother as she will be busy giving birth and doing infant care. there will be less mother and child bondage which is essential in the upbringing of the children. Fathers will be busy at work and doing housework or perhaps even looking for other women.
8. Parental neglected children from polyandry tends to lead to a life of crimes.

Yes, polyandry is or maybe ok if:
1. There are no more then 2 husbands at a time.
2. The husbands are related such as brothers so that there are less conflicts over who the child belongs to and there will be a tendency towards mutual sharing to support the wife and family.
3. There will be more financial and housework support from the two husbands.
4. There is less burden to the polyandrous woman if one or more of her husbands died or were incapacitated.
4. Polyandry may be a solution in areas where females are very rare.

An alternative to polyandry is to allow the wife to divorce and remarry or a contract marriage with automatic divorce after a mutually agreed years. But there may be more burden to the husband he has to pay some maintenance fees to help the ex-wife raised the child. The children may be confused and emotionally/psychologically affected if their mother have several husbands through multiple marriages. That maybe detrimental to the children in later years. Multiple divorces and remarriages are a mockery of marriage; what message are we sending to the future generations?. ""What God has joined, let no man put asunder".

Polyandry however is very rare in this world and is more for poor primitive cultures; the husbands are usually related such as brothers. Is adultery, prostitution and one night stand a form of polyandry? or at least a good alternative to polyandry?


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