Is there a contradiction in calling the earth a vanity prison matrix, and then saying the borg are a sin? - when one wants for more than what one has been provided with? Just because God, ie not you, makes the decision for you to be 'upgraded to a superior plane', the heart speaks plain. To escape the tribulation one must join one of these groups causing it, like a dog programmed through Pavlovian conditioning. But in truth - Swedenborg sheds some light that people often choose to learn through a hellish path. By respecting that decision, we can disconnect from the karma they are trying to drag others into.

What I am curious about is the prophecies of Sylvia Ivanova. She is a very grounded, sensible voice, and much of what she has said previously has already started to manifest, thought internet culture drastically atomises people's experience, depending on how well-trained they are.