Oh fools and slow of heart, to believe all that Jesus has spoken, Lk24:25
Don't you know he's the True Bread that for all of us was broken? 1Cor11:24
If you love me, "Feed my sheep", he said; he didn't mean with hay, Jn21:15
Because His words are spirit, it's the Truth that we must say. Jn6:63

The Rock that poured out water is now the Book that we must eat.. 1Cor10:4
The Stone that they rejected is now the Way that guides our feet. 1Pet2:6
The seals are being opened so even the learned can comprehend, Isa29:11
How the holy grounds of God and wife are truth that is a blend. Isa54:5

O fools and slow of heart to believe the Word that God has sent... Matt6:30
When will you start to pay attention, and understand what's meant! Matt13:52
The language that once was confounded is starting to come unglued, Gen 11:7
So those without the Armor of God, are apt to be caught in the nude! Eph6:11

(Chapter & Verse notations aren't meant to be a hindrance, and don't necessarily apply directly, but are provided to help readers consider the context of the logic.)