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    No success without failure

    It's better to try and fail than to not do anything at all. I believe what your doing is done in all honesty, so for that I pray should correction be needed, may it be by the Lords gentle hand rather than the harsh end of the goad.

    I asked God for 3 messages for you as I prayed I opened the bible to 3 scriptures:
    Prov. 24:23-24 Partiality in Judgment
    2Sam. 7:13-14 Coming Kingdom
    Matt. 25:10 Bridegroom, Virgins, Oil and Banquet

    I asked for a vision but it was faint all I saw was a Large 19 century white double story mansion amongst willows in the Everglades like a swampy region deep south US. I felt their was a voodoo presence from the local native residents represented by a snake image.

    I prayed for clarity and clear vision on your behalf as well as victory from Demonic attack in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

    PS. I don't even know what part of the world you're from but if anything rings a bell let me know. Confirmation builds ones faith and strengthens ones abilities. Or on the other hand "No success without failure." I'd rather know either way, it helps me to distinguish between vision and imagination.

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    The vison you had of the mansion in the deep south does not seem to have an association with me as I live in Michigan. However, the verses which you listed all ring familiar. The inspiration coming to me from the Spirit is related to a time of judgment, but also the time for the establishment of God's everlasting kingdom.

    The final verse which you listed, Matthew 25: 10, is part of a parable which speaks of the truth that only those who are prepared for the bridegroom's return will enter into wedding celebration. The message from the Spirit to me is that the time of the end is being revealed so that all may be ready.

    76 of 86

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    chris123 Guest

    Thumbs up 666 in Gematria = "Number of a man barack obama"

    Quote Originally Posted by 76of86 View Post
    As a new member to the forum I wanted to let others who are interested in the topic of gematria know about an amazing revelation given to me by the Holy Spirit. This may sound highly suspect even to other Christians, but what I have experienced is so remarkable that I just have to let people know. I was initially very skeptical regarding gematria until my brother wrote a book giving numerous examples of the numerical value for words and phrases of Old Testament prophecies regarding the Messiah that totalled either 888 which is the numerical value in Greek for Jesus, 1480 for Christ, 2368 for Jesus Christ, or 3168 for Lord Jesus Christ. The book was self published, and just recently available through a subsidy publisher and so it has not gained wide exposure.

    Without going into detail, events in my life brought me to a point of despair and I prayed for enlightenment regarding the proper interpretation of truth in the Bible. Four months ago I experienced a two week period in which I was given messages in numbers that guided me in a search of the Scriptures. Having only a basic knowledge of gematria gained from my brother's work, what was revealed to me in that two week period was the way in which to evaluate every verse in the Bible and find the truth in each verse, confirming Biblical inerrancy. The Bible is inerrant in the numerical value of the words, and not always in a literal sense as far as the Old Testament is concerned. Every important tenet of Christian faith, however, can be proven through gematria.

    In just two weeks of revelations, and another two weeks of inspiration in regard to putting words together and confirming the truth of the Bible through the numerical value of both Hebrew and Greek words, I had over 150 pages of notes. I then began to put into writing what had been revealed to me and after three months of writing I have just completed a 300 page book describing what was revealed to me in that short period of time. I want others to know what I learned so that the truth will be made known to all, and to that end I intend to use a subsidy publisher so that the book can be available ASAP.

    I found that every truth in the Bible can be proven by taking the total numerical value of a verse, subtracting multiples of 888 from the value and then using the remainder to look up both Hebrew and Greek words of that value on "The Bible Wheel" site. Multiple words can always be found to correspond to the subject of the verse, or more often in regard to OT verses, correspond to Jesus as the Messiah, which is the entire purpose of the Bible. The OT verses are primarilly symbolic prophetic messages concerning Christ. When Jesus said that he came to fulfill the Law and the Prophets it was in regard to the hidden prophecies in each verse of the Torah as well as the prophetic books.

    Other ways to prove the inerrancy of the Bible through gematria include taking the remainder after subtracting a multiple of 888 from the value for the verse, and then words taken from the verse can be used to restate the concept of the verse, with those words totalling the same value as the remainder; or a phrase or sentence describing Jesus or proclaiming Biblical truth will total either 888, 1480, 2368, or 3168. This sounds confusing but it really is not. Furthermore, I found that one can use words in Hebrew, Greek, or a combination of the two to create statements of Biblical truth that are confirmed by their gematria value.

    Just one example of what I was able to discover is the following:

    Εγω ειμι ο οδος και ο αληθεια και ο ζωη = I am the way and the truth and the life = gematria value of 2368 = Ιησους Χριστος = Jesus Christ = 2368

    I have approx. 400 gematria proofs for the truth of the Bible included in my book. The message which I received from the Holy Spirit is that the time has come for all secrets to be revealed as the final Sabbath approaches. My prayer for enlightenment was answered and I am convinced that God will use what has been revealed to me to convince unbelievers of the truth and to allow believers to more fully appreciate what Biblical inerrancy really means.

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    Woohoo! A lunatic stopped and said "666 in gematria = Number of a man barack obama"!

    It's a perfect storm of insanity: gematria + conspiracy theories + paranoia + religion
    • Skepticism is the antiseptic of the mind.
    • Remember why we debate. We have nothing to lose but the errors we hold. Who but a stubborn fool would hold to errors once they have been exposed?

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