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    At this point I thought it might be helpful to give some background as to how I came to believe that I was given a revelation of the Holy Spirit in regard to the interpretation of Scripture through gematria. It started with the loss of my 26 y/o son due to suicide caused by depression in Sept. 2006. He had not acknowledged Jesus as his savior, and I was devastated at his death for fear that his eternal soul was lost.

    In answer to my desperate prayer for assurance of his salvation, I was given a miraculous answer to prayer. On the day after his death I found a portion of a journal which he had written confirming that he had accepted Christ, but because of the effects of his depression he could not bring himself to tell others. The pages of the journal were found in a Bible in which he had left numerous bookmarks upon which specific verses were listed. The verses were like God speaking to me. One verse in particular assured me of my son's salvation. In the translation of the Bible he used it reads: Even now, behold, my witness is in heaven and he that vouches for me is on high. Job 16: 19

    About six months after the loss of my son, I tried to use gematria of which I had only a superficial knowledge from my brother's book to see if I could find anything in Scripture concerning wisdom and understanding, as I tried to make sense of the tragedy. The only thing I found at that time was that the Greek words for "wisdom of God" has the same numerical value as "understanding." After a few weeks I abandoned my search.

    I continued to believe that God had some purpose in the tragic loss of my son, and about one year later, as a result of other circumstances, I again prayed in desperation that I be given enlightenment regarding the truth of the Bible, and direction as to what God wanted me to do. It was at that time while reading in Ezekiel, I came across the prophecy of a shepherd who God would send to feed the people. I then took words from the prophecy in Ezekiel, and words from the verses in John concerning the Good Shepherd, and through adding or subtracting the value of words in Hebrew and Greek from these verses I came up with the values of 888 for Jesus or 1480 for Christ, confirming the shepherd to come as the Good Shepherd of the NT.

    Following my first discoveries I began to be awaken several times in the early morning hours each night with the compulsion to look at the digital clock and use the numbers to assist me in further Biblical study. When I was awaken I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and a sense of peace that is indescribable. Initially the numbers were integral to giving me a message that I was being called to proclaim a message of truth. After the first few days the numbers led me to new gematria discoveries of truth. This all occurred over a two week period.

    For an additional two weeks my thoughts were directed toward putting words together that had gematria values which confirm every truth of Christian doctrine. Since I am illiterate in Hebrew and Greek, I am certain that some of my "discoveries" may be flawed due to the erroneous use of the masculine instead of feminine forms of some words as indicated on a previous post. However, it is always possible to find words of an appropriate value which when used still confirm truth.

    Out of 400 gematria proofs, even if there are some flaws, there are still sufficient numbers to prove the inerrancy of the Bible. Much of what I found is that in many instances the numerical value of the words is each verse can be used to find words of the same value to make a verse with a different meaning that is completly consistent with the rest of the Bible. Even if I had a greater knowledge of gematria and had spent years in research I could never have come up with the things that were revealed to me. Over the past three months since receiving the revelation I have written what the Holy Spirit has guided me to write and when the book is published I hope that others will use what was given to me, flawed as it may be due to my ignorance, as a basis for further Biblical study. One message that I received through the numbers that I was drawn to is that the Seventh Sabbath, the final Sabbath is approaching when Christ will return, and secrets are to be revealed and enlightenment will come in order to bring the lost into God's Kingdom.

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    Thank you for sharing such a personal event. Your loss must have been overwhelming at the time. But, the assurance provides hope.......and Paul says that we are "saved by hope" (Romans 8:24). Your son was saved by faith which is how we all begin our journey with Him. His depression convinced him that there was no hope in living. But now, through his loss, others can find hope.

    I would be interested in your findings. Keep the faith, and hold on to the hope of helping others.

    There will be scoffers, and mockers. They are in abundance.

    Don't let anyone steal your dream. God gives to certain ones special gifts. Others may even hate them for it, just as Joseph's brothers tried to silence his dreams, but our God has goodness in mind..........He will finish His plan.

    For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:38,39

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    Thank you for your words of encouragement. As it has now been awhile since feeling the intense inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I can sometimes sense Satan trying to convince me that what was revealed to me is not reality. I know differently, and I am convinced that God does have a plan to use what I have learned so that greater truth will be revealed through others, or perhaps through further revelations to me at the right time.

    I have come to the realization that God communicates through numbers which are merely concepts of the mind. The meaning of words having a particular numerical value relate the thoughts of God whether or not those words fit into proper grammar or sentence structure. All wisdom comes from God, and Jesus is called the "Wisdom of God." Αlso, Jesus is the Word of God, and word means "thought or mind." Some interesting findings that I discovered are the following:

    Υιος Θεος = 680 + 284 = 964 = Son of God
    σιφυα λογοι = 781 + 183 = 964 = Wisdom / Word

    Σοφια Υιος Θεος = 781 + 680 + 284 = 1745 = Wisdom of the Son of God

    There is only one word in either Hebrew or Greek with a value of 1745, and that is φρονουντες which means "think, to have understanding." I truly believe that I have been made witness to the Wisdom of God.

    I may not have full understanding of how to use gematria but that will come to me or someone else to fulfill God's purpose.

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    Since I last entered a post on this thread six months ago I have experienced further revelations from the Holy Spirit. Initially it was revealed to me that the numerical value of all words is of importance. I felt compelled to write a book detailing what was revealed to me which proved the truth of the Bible. In that book, since I am illiterate in Hebrew and Greek, I used any spelling of a word and sometimes combined words from both languages to arrive at values which confirmed Biblical truth. This could seem to be a manipulation of words and gematria values to prove a preconceived idea.

    Upon completion of the book, I was overcome with the inspiration of the Spirit to evaluate prophecies of the end times, the Day of the Lord, and amazingly I was given a revelation of the appointed time of the end. In a period of 3-4 weeks, the Spirit directed me to identify several hundred numerical correlations of words which confirmed Biblical truth and even the ordained year of the end. The proof has been shown using only the numerical value of root word spellings which avoids the appearance of manipulation.

    After writing a second book concerning this new revelation, I began to doubt what had been revealed, and the Holy Spirit then guided me to find an additional 500 examples of gematria proof for the same thing. I have just completed a third book regarding this evidence. All of this sounds as if it is coming from someone suffering from delusions, but I assure you I am of sound mind. However, I am having trouble coming to grips with why I should be the one to have received such a revelation. The reason, I believe, is that for several months prior to the revelation, as a result of circumstances in my life, I had prayed for enlightenment regarding Scripture. Altogether, in the three books which I have written in ten months, I have been directed by the Spirit to find greater 1000 gematria proofs for the basic tenets of the Christian faith, and for the time of the end.

    Since I am unable to enter the Hebrew fonts properly on this post and the file is too large to attach, I will list some the the findings in regard to proof of Biblical inerrancy regarding what is written of Jesus with the English translation and indicating the values of root words in either Hebrew or Greek. The findings can be substanatiated by looking up the words and their values.

    The Son of the Lord God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob = (Hebrew word values) 52 + 26 + 86 + 86 + 248 + 208 + 182 = 888 = Value of Jesus in Greek.

    The child shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, mighty God = (Hebrew word values with the word for God used in Isaiah 9:6 which has a value of 31) = 44 + 20 + 301 + 111 + 170 + 211 + 31 = 888 = Jesus.

    The light of Heaven and earth = (Hebrew) 207 + 390 + 291 = 888 = Jesus.

    It is written, God and Savior = (Hebrew) 422 + 86 + 380 = 888 = Jesus.

    I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, the only Lord God = (Hebrew) 61 + 224 + 441 + 18 + 32 + 26 + 86 = 888 = Jesus.

    I am the Lord = (Hebrew) 61 + 26 = 87 α + ω = (Greek) 1 + 800 = 801 I am the Lord / α + ω = 87 + 801 = 888 = Jesus

    I am Wonderful, Counselor, mighty God, Prince of Peace = (Hebrew) 81 + 111 + 170 + 211 + 31 + 500 + 376 = 1480 = Christ in Greek.

    Son / Lord = (Greek) 680 + 800 + 1480 = Christ

    It is written, the Son of God = (Greek) 1404 + 680 + 284 = 2368 = Jesus Christ in Greek

    Name above all other names = (Greek) 231 + 585 + 281 + 1040 + 231 = 2368 = Jesus Christ

    The Word is Christ = (Greek) 373 + 515 + 1480 = 2368 = Jesus Christ

    Savior unto men = (Greek) 1408 + 450 + 1310 = 3168 = Lord Jesus Christ in Greek

    It is written, Jesus is the Lamb = (Greek) 1404 + 888 + 515 + 361 = 3168 = Lord Jesus Christ.

    I am the everlasting Lord God = (Greek) 808 + 65 + 70 + 1141 + 800 + 284 = 3168 = Lord Jesus Christ

    The truth of Holy Scripture = (Hebrew) 441 + 404 + 422 = 1267 Gospel = (Greek) = 1267

    These are only a very few of the gematria examples which prove the inerrancy of the Bible, and prove that God directed the development of both the Hebrew and Greek languages so that the numerical value of words can be used to reveal all truth. It has been impressed upon my mind that I have been given the revelation to warn mankind that the end is near (not in my lifetime but in the lifetime of some who are alive today). Since I am someone of no authority when it comes to Biblical interpretation or theology, I can only hope that God will somehow use what I have written to raise awarenes in others so that the truth will be made known.

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    To Richard I say, I have just checked your reply with the R.S.V interlinear and Tischendorf and your conclusion is correct. What I would like to mention is the fact that the number 6 is conspicuous by its absence. I have often wondered why the numbers always do and always have gone 1,2,3,4,5,7. To 76of86 I say ,Do not be discouraged. even the best horse must slip someday. Richard is red hot on the keyboard but I have seen typing errors made by him .Now if he can make typing errors then we can be excused for not getting the numbers right every time. Seek and you will find.

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    Have any of you guys read any of Del Washburns books on Theomatics?


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    Theomatics? Read it! ;but barely barley.

    Quote Originally Posted by Barley View Post
    Have any of you guys read any of Del Washburns books on Theomatics?

    Sorry Barley . I have just come across your post or I would have replied earlier. Yes I have read del Washburn with interest and found nothing to complain about. There is just one thing which leaves me a bit uneasy and that is the way they use the tolerance of one or two. They call it clustering . Others have called it neighbourhood. If I was cynical I would call it manipulation, But I'm not. God bless you my brother.

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    It has been nearly 1 1/2 years since I last submitted a post on this thread. My earlier posts mentioned the two books I had written. The first one is of no value because of the many errors and subjective "findings." Subsequent to that book, I was guided by the Spirit to use only the root word spelling according to Strong's Concordance for each word, as I am illiterate in Hebrew and Greek. I realize that this unusual method is deemed invalid as the exact spelling for each word as found in accepted original translations of the Bible are not used to determine gematria values.

    The second book still had some instances where I did not use the proper root word. Since that time I have experienced four additional brief periods of inspiration lasting 4-6 weeks each time which guided me to certain passages of Scripture for which I did a gematria evaluation using root word spellings. Because I have been told that no matter how many instances of gematria correlations are found in this manner, it will not be accepted, I have had repeated doubts as to the reality of what I have perceived as a revelation.

    Each time I begin to doubt, and pray for guidance and direction, I am led to specific passages of Scripture which, when evaluated by the method I have used, confirms what has been revealed to me. I cannot explain how or why I have been compelled to do what I have done, but I have been led to > 2,000 gematria correlations regarding confirmation of what is claimed in Scripture concerning Jesus, truth regarding the creation of man, and a revelation pertaining to end time prophecy. As a result, I have written three more books detailing what has come to me through the numerical value of words.

    I am submitting this post to request that anyone who may be interested review some of what I have included in my books which can be found on my website: The reason for this request is not that anyone should purchase the books, but so that I might have some feedback concerning what I believe is a revelation of truth from the Holy Spirit. I cannot understand how someone unworthy as I am could be the recipient of such a revelation, but I also cannot deny the supernatural inspiration which has guided me to such a magnitude of gematria findings. So that anyone so inclined may be able to substantiate what I have recorded, in my last book and on the website I have indicated the Strong's number for each word used.

    I would appreciate any comments whether positive or negative concerning what can be found on the website.

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    Don't continue without Gods annointing!

    I checked out your site, in particular the prophecy year 2086AD.
    First off I'll reiterate what I tell most people, which is if your ready to be treated like the prophets then continue, for more heartache and suffering WILL continue.

    Deciphering prophecy means you have to live like a prophet. Believe me this is not easy. I've read your previous posts and I'm saddened by the loss of your son, maybe you are ready for the next stage of suffering. Just remember how Elijah rebuked Elisha warning of the consequences.

    I'm about to write a post on prophecy which is not for the light hearted, but an unbiased view on the dangers of such a venture. Three ministers close to me between '03 and '05 lost their sons who also had found salvation in Christ Jesus before they died. Prior to this moment each minister was pleading God for a greater understanding and deeper connection with the Lord. They received what they asked for.

    I have a young family and not a day goes by without me feeling empathy for my brothers especially when I'm pleading God for the same things they do. One of my spiritual gifts involves prophecy, I constantly dream of tribulation. I do not look forward to it, yet I'm led to believe it will come much sooner. Read my message to ScreamingEagle when you click on to my avatar, titled 17.

    I do not doubt that the year of the Lord cannot be revealed for Jesus said we'll know by the signs and the season. Yet I do understand Demonic confusion and the deep occult pull gematria has with divination and call for Extreme Caution!

    I recommend regular fasting once per month (Total abstinence of food, sex, work, drink including water) for as long as you feel healthy, get a doctor to monitor you. Then up it a bit each month. The longest I went was 21 days yet I was drinking water and 2 to 4 cups of tea per day. My thyroid levels were down due to lack of Iodine from no sea salt intake but 4 days after I broke the fast my blood test showed normal. You shouldn't be loosing any more than 1/2 a Kilo per day. During the fast, no TV apart from news updates and your christian based preferred teaching. Play praise music constantly in the background as often as possible. Pray and meditate on God 2 hours minimum per day. Study scripture 2 hours minimum per day and always expect to be attacked spiritually generally through your wife or someone close to you.

    Over the past 8 months I've fasted approx. 60 days this way which is about 25% of that period. Why? Because I'm serious about my calling and I know that serious prayer must be accompanied with serious fasting(!) and none of that smoking crap or any other vice that can lead you astray.

    You WILL get results and FAST!

    What I always look for is confirmation through other people, dreams and signs. I can understand your method seems to be revealing something, but trained professionals in gematria will show too many loop holes in your forecasts and methodology. This doesn't mean that there isn't any truth behind what your doing it just means you have to try to debunk your own work using other texts like an encyclopedia and such secular writings like "War and Peace." You'll find plenty of sceptics out there who will do this just for the passion free of charge.

    This is the tedious part that nobody likes to do, yet it is imperative for your own personal success. You have to be willing to realize that you can be wrong, die to self and stay humble. If you do this God will guide you but even then not without trial, "For what Son does God not discipline!" Heb.12:5-6. This verse chokes me almost every time I read it. I've leant on it through just about every dark period in my life.

    One final thing, signs are everywhere. In coffee cups, in clouds, in the sand, cards, faces, aura's, newspapers, TV, everywhere. When God reveals, you will get the message, the key is patience.

    Just because we look in the bible doesn't mean it's not Divination!
    Therefore it's not what we're seeking but how we go about doing it!
    Keep up the good work Tyrone (if thats your name and you don't oppose me calling you that), for the glory of God the father, in the name of his son Christ Jesus, amen!
    PS. Where does "76 of 86" come from?
    Last edited by Mad Mick; 05-10-2010 at 05:08 PM.

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    Thank you for your post. To start, 76 of 86 is what I desire to be:
    A servant (H5650) of God (H430)
    עבד אלהִים
    86 + 76

    I have taken seriously your words of wisdom. From the beginning of my journey being led by the Spirit to use gematria I have been in constant prayer that I might use the method to which I was guided to seek only such truth as the Lord wanted me to find. My initial intention was only to find proof for the divine inspiration of Scripture such that those who have rejected the Christian faith might be convinced of the truth. Also, although I"m sure many on this forum will disagree, as someone who has advanced education in science, I view the Genesis record differently, as indicated on my website. My faith in God as my Creator, and Jesus as my Savior has not wavered throughout my life, and I have been burdened for many years with the concern regarding the unnecessary conflict between faith and science, which is a common reason for unbelievers to reject the faith. After losing my youngest son, this became more of a concern for me, because that is at least part of the reason my older son has turned away from his Christian roots.

    All of the gematria findings on the website and in my books came to me in ways I cannot explain. Although I had hoped to find some way to bridge the faith vs. science chasm, when I attempted to do so on my own, I came up with very little. The gematria findings on my website and even more in the books I have written regarding creation came to me in a only about two weeks, at a time I was not deliberately seeking such evidence. In regard to the end time prophecy, this is something I would never have considered doing on my own, and was initially quite uneasy in pursuing it. It was only after much prayer that I was repeatedly guided to specific verses or concepts which led me to the gematria findings.

    Upon completion of my fourth book, I was confronted by someone who I hold in high regard for their Christian walk, and I was told that some of what I had written was blasphemous. I immediately closed down my website, and sent a certified letter to the subsidy publisher of my books to discontinue their sale. For nearly three months I was in prayer that I be given guidance as to what to do. I then learned that despite the certified letter I had sent, apparently the publisher did not receive it. Then I was suddenly led by the Spirit to evaluate a passage of Scripture in the Book of Jude regarding the prophecy of Enoch. In a matter of a few days I had come up with >100 gematria confirmations of what had come to me previously regarding end time prophecy. Then in only a few weeks I was led to other verses of end time prophecy and came up with several hundred more gematria correlations.

    As I know that I am unworthy of receiving such a gift of prophecy, I have had repeated periods of doubt, and fear that I might be doing more harm than good if what I have written is all in error. Also, what purpose does it serve to prophesy the time of the end in the future when most people alive today will not be here? Many times over the past two years since this journey began I have been awaken in the night with inspiration as to what I should do. It is as though the Spirit is speaking to me. This occurred most recently after I had written the fifth book and was reluctant to publish it. In the middle of the night I was again awaken, and the message came to my mind: "publish the book and I will do the rest."

    I am aware that people will view me as a deluded fool, or a blasphemer. Even though I sometimes wish that what I claim as a revelation had not come to me, I am willing to accept that reality, because I am convinced that something unexplained and supernatural has occurred. Whether or not I am correct in what I have written, God knows that it is only my desire to serve Him. I ask for your prayers that I might know His will.

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