"LET MY PEOPLE GO" - Exodus 8, 9
"Let my people go!" says God, but Satan hangs on tight, and the
people who are steeped in sin don't know to do what's right.

Come hell or high calamity; Come sickness or disease,
people just go right ahead doing as they please.
Sometimes they vow and plead with God, when things get
really rough, but when they're on their feet again,
they say "of Church I've had enough!".

"Let my people go!" says God, "So they can worship me",
so they can sing and praise with joy, and live in honesty.
So they won't lie or steal or cheat; they'll give up harmful habits,
and show their children not to go around behaving just like rabbits.

"Let my people go!" said God, but Satan won't let go...
and the leaders of this people want to keep the status quo.
They think they're oh-so very smart, and know-it-all besides..
But just as soon as God gets back, He's going to tan their hides!