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Thread: A slice of pi

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    And here's a Pi pie ...

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    I wanna play with you!

    Hi Snakeboy,

    Been readin' some of yer mind numbin' numerologicals. I like the way you seriously play without playin' seriously.
    Lookin' at the infinity of pi's digits fer patterns seems like a game fer immortals who just want to pass the time away
    pleasantly. Carl Sagan, in the book "Contact", used the idea of findin' a really improbable pattern in that sequence as
    a "signature of God".

    I'm no mathematician, recreational or otherwise, and so I can still get those 'Eureka' moments when I come upon somethin' clever.
    It passes when someone drains the water out of my tub by explainin' why it should be so. Anyway, I like playin' with the numbers
    that others believe are religiously significant. It is as close as I get to worship.

    The above web-site is a good beginning for understanding where the following folderol comes from.

    If we perform the following transforms on the numbers 355 and 113 some curious stuff manifests.
    Reverse the digits of either number and then add them.
    355+311 = 666 = 553+113
    Reverse both and add them yields 553+311 = 864.

    3.14159265… = Pi
    3.14159292… = 355/113
    The pi approximation 355/113 has the first 7 digits of Pi in common
    summing their squares: (3^2+ 1^2+ 4^2+ 1^2+ 5^2+ 9^2+ 2^2) = 137
    multiplying them (3*1*4*1*5*9*2) = 1080
    and adding them (3+1+4+1+5+9+2) = 25

    Reverse the 7 digits common to both Pi and 355/113 and transform thusly:

    (ln(2951413)^-1 / 10^8) +1 = 1.000000000671…

    10^((6*86400)/66600) * (666+(1/2000))^-2 * (1+(671/10^11))^-1 = 137.0359990826...which is within error limits for the 2010 CODATA value for the fine structure constant.

    Note: 86400 is the number of seconds in the nominal day and so 6 times that "represents" the 6 days of Genesis creation.
    Note: 137 is Hebrew gematria for a word meaning "birth or genesis" (Mem 40, Vau 6, Tzaddi 90, Aleph 1)

    Why multiply 666 by 100? The number 100 is the sum of (Yod 10, Mem 40, Yod, Mem) meaning "days"
    What does 671 represent?
    The last 2 words of Genesis chapter 1 (verse 1:31) are:
    (Yod 10, Vau 6, mem 40, - He 5, Shin 300, Shin 300, Yod 10) sum = 671 meaning “the sixth day”
    What is the rationale for (1/2000)?
    The first letter of Genesis chapter 1 is Bet; its gematria value is 2. However, the qabbalists tell us that because it is writ
    large; its value can be set at 2000.

    I hope you find this interesting.
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    Yes, very neat, indeed.

    I had not noticed the sum of the squares of the first seven numbers after the digit in pi is 137

    I had noticed the multiplicative expansions of pi can be used to produce 1080 and 540, although bringing this odd triviality up on a math forum immediately is met with " why would you want to do that ?! " ( lol ! ) Granted, it's not the regular process of a factorial calculation, but with that attitude of indignation , we might as well ask " why calculate anything at all " ?

    As it turns out, tables of these " pi factorials ", for lack of a better term, used in conjunction with tables of standard factorials, can be used for calendar calculations, and more.

    Plato and others didn't spend all that time in and around Egypt studying math for no reason, haha.

    Plato's ever so mysterious statement in the Republic (8.546b):

    " Now for divine begettings there is a period comprehended by a perfect number, and for mortal by the first in which augmentations dominating and dominated when they have attained to three distances and four limits of the assimilating and the dissimilating, the waxing and the waning, render all things conversable and commensurable with one another, whereof a basal four-thirds wedded to the pempad yields two harmonies at the third augmentation, the one the product of equal factors taken one hundred times, the other of equal length one way but oblong,-one dimension of a hundred numbers determined by the rational diameters of the pempad lacking one in each case, or of the irrational lacking two; the other dimension of a hundred cubes of the triad.

    And this entire geometrical number is determinative of this thing, of better and inferior births. "

    Hebrew " Molad " = " Birth " of the Moon.

    Recall that Hipparchus also derived these Metatonic cycles for predicting things like eclipses, which he checked against the tables available from earlier astronomers.

    Plato also named a " number of the tyrant ", which is also apparently part of calendar calculations, at least as far as I can tell so far.

    Here are what would be the same crude approximate measurements made by the ancients:

    Name:  moon.JPG
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    Those would be standard miles, and just rounded approximations, but I feel safe in assuming that that's where the NT numbers were derived in the first place.

    144,000 / 666 = 1.62162162162162

    I actually have about 50 pages of exhaustive tables that I have sat down and derived using all the ever so familiar biblical numbers, and so far, it would appear that they do indeed come from the calendar maths.

    While playing around with the Egyptian calendars, I happened to notice you can also derive a crude approximation of pi using rounded measurements from the Lunar calendar, although it is in a rather roundabout way...heh

    When we plug the measurements of the Earth and Moon into the standard Pythagorean expression a2 + b2 = c2 the hypotenuse is 1.618

    Where Earth = 1 , the proportionality is roughly

    Radius of the Earth = 1
    Radius of Moon = 0.272%
    Radius of Earth and Moon = 1.272

    Moon's mean radius is 1,079.6 miles / 2 = 539.8 miles
    Moon's mass is ~ 1/81 of the Earth's mass, = ~1.2%

    After a while of playing with all these numbers, I realized that we can simply write: 541/172 = 3.1453488...

    This is naturally, not a very accurate value of pi, however, I noticed while playing with reoccurring periodic decimals, that we can get a little closer:

    541.5454 / 172.2727 = 3.143535801087462

    Which is closer, but using these takes us further from accurate pi

    When we write it instead as:

    541.4545 / 172.2727 = 3.143008149288889

    We get a little closer still ( 4545 after the decimal instead of 5454 )

    When we switch out 54 or 45 for 27, we can get a little closer:

    541.2727 / 172.2727 = 3.141952845691743

    Granted, as Rich points out, if we are even slightly adept with numbers, we can tease and prod any value we want to find out of any set of numbers, simply by exhaustive methods.

    Exhaustive tables however, are how they made calculations for the three calendars ( Lunar, Solar, and Stellar ) in the first place.

    Interestingly enough, while studying the semiosis of architecture, I noticed that the Washington monument seemed to make a vague reference ( you know how we love those, lol ) to the Lunar calendar.

    At ground level the sides are 55.5 feet = 666 inches
    The height is approximately 555.5 feet = 6666 inches

    666/555 = 1.2
    1.2*1.6182 = 3.1415088

    Not so shocking, really, especially when we look at it from the top:

    Name:  yup.JPG
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    As you can see, there seems to be some huge phallic object penetrating a Vesica Piscis , smack dab in the middle of the nation's capitol

    Recall that the start of the repunit series in pi starts at the 153rd digit, with 111, whereas the rounded square root of 153 gives us the amount of New Moons in one calendar year

    ~ 12.369 New Moons the " Lord a sun "...or is the " Lord a penis " ....or is it both ?

    The phrase Novus ordo seclorum (Latin for "New order of the ages") appears on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States.

    The phrase is taken from the fourth Eclogue of Virgil, which contains a passage that reads:


    Ultima Cumaei venit iam carminis ætas;
    Magnus ab integro sæclorum nascitur ordo.
    iam redit et Virgo, redeunt Saturnia regna,
    iam nova progenies cælo demittitur alto.


    Now comes the final era of the Sibyl's song;
    The great order of the ages is born afresh.
    And now justice returns, honored rules return;
    now a new lineage is sent down from high heaven.

    Those wacky Masons

    Didn't want to veer too far into Woo-Woolandia, lol, but they were just some interesting things I noted, and after your notice of the possible Temurah (?) of that phrase " The Lord is a sun " ( 666 ) possibly also being " The Lord is a " penis "", it definitely raised my eyebrows a bit when I recalled the Washington Monument and the Eclogue of Virgil.

    If I had to toss a guess, I would say that the " sign of Jonah " actually refers to this:

    Name:  jonah.JPG
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    Because, as per the Comma Johanneum, 1 John 5:7 , which bugged Newton so much, lol, there are " Three in heaven that bear witness ", which is where that 1080 value for the " holy spirit " in Greek came from. ( I am aware there are other values, however, I think I can also show that these are indeed from the calendar math )

    Those " three in heaven that bear witness " seem uncannily similar to the three in the heavens that give us those lovely " signs of jonah "

    There is much confusion surround all these things,...

    Jonah was eaten by a fish....but he was actually eaten by the leviathan....but leviathan has been taken to mean everything from " ginzu knives " to " dinosaur " " satan ".......but...but...Moses was known in the Zohar as the " leviathan of the sea of the Torah.."..( According to some other opinions, he was also known as " the great fish " others, he was supposedly known by a name which referred to his tribal roots " Levi-Tanniyn ) ...But..but...the Moon has horns....but..but....we associate the Moon with Passover......but...but.....the Passover we associate with Jesus....but...but....Moses also was depicted as having horns......but...but... " Sin " was the eeeevil " Moon God "....but...but...." Shin " ( also pronounced " sin " ) is the letter of the Hebrew alphabet which according to some kabbalists, represents the three patriarchs of Israel......and a crown, which would belong to cheebus...but..but...." holy crown " = 666 in gematria...and 666 is eeeeevil.....but ...but.....dividing " god's number " 1080, by the " devil's number " 666...we get a ratio equivalent to approximations of Phi proportions on a circle...~ 137, ~222, ~ 360

    And wouldn't you know it, 144,000/666 = 216.2162162162162

    Now, granted, some of these numbers I am playing around with are rounded or truncated in some cases, or in the case of pi, not incredibly accurate. However, all measurements are fundamentally approximations, where the increase in the precision of measurement simply decreases your error +/-, and for something like exhaustive repeated astronomical calculations, the first thing that would be obvious over time, are the fluctuations, which is why, ( I am guessing ) they started incorporating and or comparing larger and larger measurements, going from a Lunar calendar, to a Solar calendar, and finally a Stellar calendar that fairly accurately calculated how long it takes our solar system to make a rotation with the entire Milky Way.

    I know it's going out on a limb, mathematically speaking, but if you can derive approximations of pi by dropping sticks over Gaussian curves, or averaging the sinuosity of rivers, it's not a far stretch to posit it can be derived by observing the movement of the " heavenly bodies ".

    I think the biblical numbers, and system behind gematria values was all just borrowed............kind of like how NT writers simply took Plato's ideas about " Logos "..." rhema " which denotes actions,... and onoma , a mark set on those who do the actions........almost sounds like the ol mark of the derp...I mean...mark of the beast

    No wonder people are so damn confused, hahahahah

    Like I have stressed, if you put aside the words, and look solely at the math with all these biblical numbers, you'll find that while the words seem to weave stories that are logically inconsistent with each other, the numbers behind the words, and the numbers actually written, will produce these tables of calendar calculations, which are mathematically consistent with each other, and they agree with the bulk of ancient calculations for all three calendars, as far as I can tell.

    I think as I become more familiar with combinatorics, trigonometry, algebra, ancient maths, etc, I will be able to provide some fairly convincing proof of my claims.

    Pleasure speaking with you again
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    Greetings Snakeboy, fellow apopheniac!

    Shall we continue to play?

    Regardiing " Plato's ever so mysterious statement in the Republic (8.546b)"

    And this entire geometrical number is determinative of this thing, of better and inferior births. "

    Hebrew " Molad " = " Birth " of the Moon. (Read Molads? )

    You said: Plato also named a "number of the tyrant ", which is also apparently part of calendar calculations, at least as far as I can tell so far.

    Aye, Snakeboy, and ye’ll be happy ta hear that the number representin’ this tyrant be 729; and if ye look at it a certain way ye will get an erection!
    For ye see, lad, 729 be 27^2 and 27 be the gematria value of (Vau Tet Yod Bet) meanin’ “penis” (Yehudah’s Dictionary).

    You said: Recall that the start of the repunit series in pi starts at the 153rd digit, with 111, whereas the rounded square root of 153 gives us the amount of New Moons in one calendar year

    ~ 12.369 New Moons

    365.24218967/29.53059 = 12.368… (call it 12.37) = sqrt(152.974)… and 12^2=144, 37^2 = 1369. A right angled triangle 12 length and 3 height has a hypotenuse of sqrt(153) and an area of 18; and 666+864 = 153*10.
    365.24218967 = days in Earth’s tropical year and 29.53059 = days in the lunar cycle

    So here is a formulation that “merges” the microcosm with the macrocosm.

    (10^((6*86400)/(666*100))/666^2)/(1+(365.24218967/(365.24218967-365))/1000^3) = 137.035999100…
    A very close approximation of the 2010 CODATA value of the fine structure constant.

    1+(365.24218967/(365.24218967-365))/1000^3 = 1.00000150808…
    1+(10^-3/(666-(29.53059/10))) using days in the lunar cycle. = 1.00000150818…
    1+(10^-3/(666-(291/100))) where 291 via gematria is ARTz “Earth”. = 1.00000150809…

    These can be divisors for (10^((6*86400)/(666*100))/666^2) that transform it into close values of alpha.

    Regarding (10^((6*86400)/(666*100))/666^2): It is a variation on a formulation that I call Alpha666.
    Alpha666 is derived from the magick square of the sun in the following way:
    A = ((10^(222/(74*10)) / 10^(370^-1*(111+10*4)))*(10^4/666))^2 B = 1+(10^-3/(666-(296/100)))

    A/B = Name:  Alpha from Sun Magic Square.png
Views: 51
Size:  17.2 KB = 137.035999084…

    Where most of the numbers come from the occult artifact known as the:

    Name:  The Magick Square of the Sun.png
Views: 51
Size:  63.3 KB

    In the future this construction may be known (via anagram) either as: “Chief Magus’ quark stone.” or “A fuckin’ grotesque sham.”

    May we play with it as a coded artifact designed to transmit key electromagnetic constants of nature to minds educated in modern science? the " Lord a sun "...or is the " Lord a penis " ....or is it both?

    Steven Joseph Krakowski
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