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Thread: SAMSON

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    A mighty Judge of Israel; Samson was his name,
    His strength inspired Hercules to try to do the same.
    "He wouldn't drink strong drink, and he wouldn't cut his hair,
    With bare hands he slew the lion, and then left him lying there.

    A mighty Judge of Israel: Samson was his name..
    Used the jawbone of a donkey to put the Philistine's to shame.
    Women were his weakness, they persisted in their plot,
    To learn his riddle and his secret: which eventually they got!

    "From the eater came forth meat; from the strong came sweetness",
    Plowing with his heifer brought all the guest's completeness.
    And when the Feast was over and the bride was kissed at last,
    They got a change of garments just before the die was cast.

    The honey from the lion was the Riddle to his love..
    The secret of his strength was that it came from "up above".
    Then blinded by Delilah and forced to turn the wheel,
    Samson's hair kept growing as he grinded out the meal.

    Came the day the Philistines brought Samson for their fun..
    They chained him tween two pillars so that he couldn't run.
    He flexed his mighty muscles; it got quiet as a mouse..
    His prayer to God was answered by bringing down the house!

    They say he killed more in his death than when he was alive,
    And through the Cross of Calvary, many millions have revived.
    Samson ate the honey, but he killed the lion first,
    And now we see the story was a tale for those who thirst. Amen?
    Dux allows: "It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out the matter". Pr25:2

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    Apr 2011
    "Plowing with heifer" is fig. of speech for 'Inquire of the Holy Ghost! Kind of like the plowing that Elisha was doing when Elijah took him for replacement.. Don't you think?
    Dux allows: "It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out the matter". Pr25:2

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    God's will for Is real through Samson

    I always find it intriguing whenever I hear about the Story of Samson and Delilah. As God showed His power through this gentleman, he also punished him for breaking his vows( touching the dead, drinking wine, marrying from the Philistines who happened to be pagans and cutting his hair in the name of love).

    There is one important lesson from the story of Samson that many Christians haven't recognized. It is about the "will of God".
    God handed him over to the Philistines as a punishment for being disobedient. However, His love for Him never faded.

    In all God's magnificent plan to rescue Israel from oppression came true when Samson died along thousands of the Philistines hence ending their oppressive rule over Israel.

    I believe Samson wouldn't have faced such kind of pathetic death if he had been obedient. God's will
    wil always be done on earth. This means Christians living today must seek the will of God before they pursue any goal or activities. With Him all things are possible.

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