3-score and 10 is long enough for searching out the land,
To see if Heaven's Truth is something we can understand.
We're spying out the country: searching Heaven's shores,
Examining the Word he spoke, that every ear explores.

Those who spy out Paradise--the sober and vigilant sort..
Won't let Goliath scare 'em into making an evil report.
As the water that fills the sea, or a gunnysack of corn,
The knowledge of God is in His Book, so we can be re-born!

Those who've read the "corn of heaven", perusing every page, Ps78:24
Know it holds more than enough to satisfy the sage.
It tells us we must watch our words; that all have been recorded..
And that we'll have to turn to Him, if we want our sack exported!

The Old Testament could be called a Spy Novel -- Jacob accused his brothers of being spies when they came to Egypt with their corn money. Moses sent out one man from each tribe to spy out the "Land of Milk & Honey" (2 of them; Joshua and Caleb, had a good report), and later it was Rahab who hid the two un-named spies. (Like Jesus said: "I and my Father are one", Jn10:30)