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    Jun 2007
    Seoul, Korea (originally from Auckland, New Zealand)


    Hi Brother Bob,

    Interesting forecasts from J. R. Nyquist. Someone whose opinions caught my attention some time ago is W. Joseph Stroupe. I don't know whether you've heard of him, but his analysis pertains to the rise of Russia, and its challenge to America. He deals with many large issues in his analyses.

    The strength of his analysis is that he covers Russia's rise in the geopolitical sphere in great detail, and gives a thoughtful account of Russia's strategy vis-a-vis the USA, including the strategic alliance with China. However, I find the weakness in his analysis is that he seems to grossly underestimate America's ability to counter or contain any perceived advances by Russia on the geopolitical stage. Let me state once more that I think this is a major weakness in the position he espouses. Nonetheless, his thoughts are worth taking into account. Here's one link to his analysis of the Russia versus USA question:

    America dominates the world in many concurrent spheres. One aspect of which Americans themselves might not be fully aware is that the USA has military bases throughout the world. Reminds me of the promise made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob about possessing the gates of their enemies(Genesis 22:17; Genesis 24:60), which Joseph inherited as part of the birthright (1 Chronicles 5:1,2; and Deuteronomy 33:17). Here's a link, dated some three years ago:

    I hope you'll get the gist of the article, above, without stumbling over the politics of the writer. Certainly, some food for thought.


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    Jun 2007
    Seoul, Korea (originally from Auckland, New Zealand)


    On cue, Russia pulls out of arms agreements previously signed with NATO. This one could be worth watching. Are we building towards the events forecast at Ezekiel 38 and 39? Only time will tell. Watch this space!


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    Urgent prayer request conc. Jerusalem / 9th Av / 7/24/07

    Dear Friends,

    I just came across this Prayer Shield Request for Israel - The LORD put on my
    heart to PRAY AND FAST FOR ISRAEL, especially starting on the 23rd July & 24th till sundown, to ward off the evil one and his plan to destoy Jerusalem and the Jews - it is on the 9th Av that the first and second Temple were destroyed, among many other major attacks and wars. Messianic Rabbi Ed Rothman from Seed of Abraham, Minnetonka, MN, was kind enough to alert his congregation with this prayer request. Please pass it on to all who LOVE JERUSALEM & the Jewish People. Amen. And Thank you - Be blessed - Genesis 12:3

    The photo "In God's Hands" can be viewed on google - images - "God's hands" - It is awesome !

    Shalom to all - ISAIAH 49:6 & Isaiah 1:18
    His servant

    Pls see attachment below "Hands of God"
    Prayer Shield for Israel
    Why is prayer especially needed for Northern Israel right now? Perhaps this
    email that Susan forwarded to me with a report from some Messianic believers
    from that area will help to explain. Here is their recent report:

    Today we had business to do in Jerusalem, so we left our home at 7 am and
    traveled down the east side of the Galilee, through Bet Shean and past the
    check point at Sede Trimot in the Jordan Valley.

    Once we entered the Jordan Valley as we passed through the Arab agricultural
    areas we noticed the following which is most unusual;

    1. There were no people visible working the in the fields.
    2. There were no children along the side of the road.
    3. There were no tractors or other farm vehicles anywhere to be seen.
    4. All of the vegetables had been completely harvested and the fields were 100%
    5. No preparation of the fields was evident for the next planting...Plastic was
    everywhere from the prior crop.
    6. The greenhouses had no plants in them.....
    7. The vegetable stands that are normally filled to the brim from the harvest
    were completely vacant.
    8. This is the peak season for growing vegetables in the Jordan Valley, yet
    everything had been harvested and nothing was growing waiting to be harvested
    or picked.

    We concluded our business in Jerusalem and got back on the road again about 2:
    45 pm heading north up the Jordan Valley. Again, no people, no fruit stands, no
    crops, nothing!

    Do these Arabs know something is about to happen that we do not know is coming?

    Inspired Faith Radio of Israel is working with Messianic brethren there to
    organize a "Prayer Shield" over nothern Israel starting right now. You are
    invited to be a part and can learn more at this link:

    God's Hands
    SueJean sent me a copy of the photo below, called "God's Hands." It was
    originally sent out by Cara Winship who states that she "took this picture on
    Hwy 30, traveling to LondonCity , KY." She has also reported that News Chanel
    36 Meteorologist John James told her "that this picture of the sky is showing
    up, in all states, around the world."

    ************************************************** *****************************************

    9th Av started tonight at sundown and ends tomorrow night at sundown - May we all fast and pray with our JEWISH BRETHREN for GOD's protection and blessing on Jerusalem and the Holy Land, and all who are
    called according to HIS PLAN -

    From on this 9th Av - the saddest day in Jewish History - destruction of the Temple on 2 occasions:
    Throughout the long exile, the Jewish Nation has been targeted again and again by hatred and persecution. Yet the indomitable spirit of the Jew has lasted throughout the generations.

    Today, so many years after the destruction of our Holy Temple, it's difficult to comprehend, let alone mourn the enormity of the loss. We've never seen its splendor, nor experienced the feeling of closeness to God it engendered. Yet Tisha B'Av has remained a day of tragedy throughout the generations, a potent reminder of where we are and were we belong, a time of communal mourning in memory of the Jewish past, both recent and ancient, throughout the years of exile.

    On this day the destruction of the First and Second Temple occurred, the expulsion of Jews from England in 1290, and from France in 1306. In 1492, the Inquisition edicts were signed in Spain. Pogroms and World War One which culminated in Germany's "Final Solution" have all occurred on this momentous day. And let's not forget the tragedy of our times. Today, we live in an era of spiritual darkness, an epoch where mass annihilation of Jewish souls is happening around us.

    My eyes shed streams of water at the shattering of my people. My eyes will flow and will not cease - without relief - until God looks down and takes notice from heaven...Remember, Lord, what has befallen us, look and see our disgrace... Bring us back to You, God, and we shall return, renew our days as of old. (3:48, 49, 5:1)

    The tears we shed on Tisha b'Av, year after year, is testimony to the fervor of our longing and hope. In the future, this day of mourning will transcend all suffering, and become a day of indescribable joy. Tisha b'Av is the birthday of Mashiach who will bring us back to Jerusalem of old.

    May the tears we shed this Tisha B'av be the last tears for all time, and may we rejoice with the fulfillment of the blessing, "Those who mourn over Jerusalem will witness her joy!"

    Holy Spirit - send forth your Angels of protection - may the prayers of the faithful ones become the shield of Protection
    from the evil one and his attackers - PRAYER IS THE FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE - Pray and Fast - Pray for Shalom / Peace to Jerusalem every single day, triple hedge of protection around all who do GOD'S WILL and may the LORD GOD bless you richly, together with HIS PEOPLE and JERUSALEM...

    Last edited by White; 07-23-2007 at 07:23 PM.

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