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Thread: Days of Noah

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desmild View Post
    Ops wrote on the wrong thread. This was ment for the answer to you in the Woman clother with the Sun and Moon under her feet thread. I thought you wrote 2 comments in a row in my thread.
    Let me get this straight

    You are asking me to explain something ( fictions in Genesis ) that you have no interest in believing ?

    On a thread that's not about that particular topic ?

    Why would you ask me to present something to you that is in complete opposition to something you believe ?

    You are essentially asking me to tell you what you believe are lies

    To me, that sounds like utter buffoonery, and not really even worth the time it takes to type a reply

    Please clarify, if I am confused about the situation, thanks, because I really do want to understand your logic

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    Jan 2013
    Nothing ?

    I thought you'd be ready to discuss the finer details of Mesopotamian astronomy, Richard

    oh well

    Want to discuss pi again and the numbers used in Revelation, or were you having difficulties there too ?

    I'm itchin' to get to the cognates in cuneiform languages to Hebrew and Greek, so we could discuss that too

    Just let me know, captain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snakeboy View Post
    Sure thing, professor

    There are 86,400 seconds in the day, nominal

    If the second is not ancient, then why is it the basis of the hour ?

    You obviously haven't studied
    The second is not the basis of the hour. The hour was defined first, and then subdivided into 3600 seconds much later. To borrow your phrase, "you obviously haven't studied" this topic.
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