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Is Macedonia indicative of some undercurrents i'm not diving into right now? Is the thought flash of the movie "The Exorcist" relevant?
Not by conscious intent, I was just feeling like it was a good time for a "good morning" in a random language.

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Actually, it was thought you didn't need or really want to see that again, yet you're welcome NTL. Yeah, it would be nice to see the B.W.D.A. up and running again so people such as Bini can get back to divining to the pretensiousness of their heart's discontent.
Well put. "divining to the pretensiousness of their heart's discontent". LOL And to think I'm enabling them only then debate their results. But then again, some of the results remain compelling despite my atheism. It is a real mystery to me.

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Seems like always after joking about stuff like that, it's wondered if Mt. 7 and Rom. 2 are going call Timmy into account, because, often it seems i am the one who next ends up dealing with whatever is joked about...or is that just the way of catharsis as well...like two sides of one coin?
Yeah, those are real concerns. That's why I tend to focus more on serious rebuttal rather than mockery.

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ok, you just didn't think in terms of first comments, a profound technique of discombobulation of which i am fond of doing only to end up retracing back through recently traveled neoropathways to recognize which turnpike was exited and recall where whatever it is that briefly transforms FTTB, into either a do-hicky,.a whatchamacallit, or widget.

Here it is:
America plus about fifty other countries today = Thanksgiving
Israelites=Chanuchah (i love saying that as in it seems like ole' schoolyard playground days working up lugies for firing range competitions.
Oh ... I get it. Duh.

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First i thought of the sword, and then Tao of the mind...did a search and saw it is one of those cybertraption techie programming feature things now...boy am i out of the loop. Do you use it?
No. Talking about dyslexia reminded me of the anagram "daily sex" and and I was still thinking of anagrams when I thought of saying my usual "shine on" and that made me think of "you crazy diamond" and which is an anagram of Dao Mind which seemed pretty cool. I'd never noticed it before, but figured others had since it is pretty cool, which a quick Google search confirmed.

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...or are you studying Neo-Confucianism: The way that is no way but to change the way into your own way, so the way that is in being more human than a human is understanding all in learning what is practical usable for yourself: not looking for the way to make you so much as you making a way for yourself...did i get that right right?

I'm not really into it, but it may work for some for at least a little while, hunh? I have my own daily problems, though i am not looking for any cure and hope they keep on failing abjectly. So does the wife.
Confuciansim has never appealed to me either. It strikes me rather like a bureaucratic philosophy.

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...or was that 'bout recalling the Timmy some months past speaking in terms of liberating activity from the atypical "mental fever" without objective dictating, but rather dictating objective (aka: Dao Mind)?
I wouldn't be surprised to find that that had played a role in my thought process.

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Me? I just finished another jaunt through "The Book of Five Rings" and "The Art of War"...so is this one of those synchronicity things again again???
That certainly sounds like a synchronicity ... but its significance is for you alone to discover.

Thanks for this music. I always have listened to the orignal recorded version, and this has some nifty variation i really like [/video]
Yeah - awesome stuff.

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I listened to "Silent Lucity" over and over for hours last night finishing the dining room. Think i am going to have to go with yoir suggestion. The flooring is a deep walnut, but fruitwood was used to stain the trim after thinking about the wonderful suggestion...because fruitwood stain, though quite dark, it seems to match nearly everything...it's like when you use antique white or parchment white for your wall: Everything suddenly matches--(within reason mind you)--because all colors compliment it...or does it compliment all colors?
Silent lucidity is an amazing song.

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Ummm, i still haven't watched that movie with Kwi Chang in it yet, you know, the Grasshopper dude you mentioned playing in "Circle of Iron"; but the Timmy is thinking tonight will be a rambunctious one, for this dyslexic...so maybe, but w'll see:

W/O hitting my head jumping on the bed
Another great song. Thanks!

Hope your evening went well.