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    For all practical intents and purposes, the police forces the world over are usually designated as public servant to protect and serve in civility.

    The Timmy however has experienced this not always to be the case, and should they manage to somehow get ahold of this real world identity and then check their records, inevitably it often turns into one of those very special times of Q and A.

    What they never manage to realize is that my handy dandy mini mp3/mp4 recorder is on during every such confrontation from inception to conclusion. It would take an extremely keen eye to even notice that little pinpoint from my HD device jepardizing every single police infraction of the law they are supposedly sworn to uphold.

    Usually, at least here in America, if you know your rights in relation to the jurisdiction when and where the pigs stop/arrest you, it usually is quite simple to talk them down and to leave well enough alone...with a smile on your face and maintaining a firm emphatically unmistakable unshuddering voice.

    If that seems a tough task to you, recognized they are naked without their uniform and weaponry garb. Note that, and as well rest assured that even the most ignorant of us, if versed into understanding how the United States Constitutions "Bill of Rights" usually leaves most arresting officers completely confused as to how to handle their arresting you in the first place...that is of course, if what they wish to call an infraction steps outside the dictates governing jurisdiction prudence over all fifty states and provinces.

    For me, I just got sick and tired of being tailed and watched and began publishing and instructing others how to instruct others in the ways outside of Maritime Law altogether, and to date have initiated 49 independent groups of Sovereigns from the Georgia Coast up to the Great Lakes, with several cell groups in between.

    It is far too late for these jokers to stop somebody who is no longer involved teaching others to teach others to teach others and so on. I am enjoying the fruits of only two years of research relationship time labors, and laugh every time I see an officer stood up to within the parameters of the law.


    Ever remember
    It is not a matter what they assume they might do
    When you show them how they have crossed the line
    They are sworn to uphold.

    (...and recording every confrontation says more than 10,000 words can tell)

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