You don't believe the Bible? Well, that's okay with me...
Go on and do the ostrich trick; You'll regret eternally.
Because you do not understand, you've chosen to ignore,
Maybe it's because you haven't studied on the Door.

It's not a door that's made of wood -- it doesn't swing on hinges,
Your fate depends on what you would, and it's a fate that cringes.
There isn't any other way, you can't go 'round the back...
So if you're reading something else, your trust is in a crack.

It's not a door that you can see, except in your mind's eye..
Think of getting into heaven, and the fact you're going to die.
Right now the Door is open and the Welcome mat is out,
So you can always leave again, if you still have a doubt.

This Door is automatic when the name of Christ is named,
Everyone who enters finds release from all their shame.
There'll come a day when it will close, and time will be no more,
If that Day comes and you're outside, don't blame it on The Door.

"..Let US go down and confound their language...", Gen11:7. Most take this to mean the beginning of different languages and geographic colloquialisms, but figures of speech (including metaphors) may play an important part too. Read about more than 200 "Figures of Speech used in the Bible" by E.W.Bullinger (Baker Book House).