In Genesis 1:11 God commanded the earth to bring forth "ets pri oseh pri", "tree that is a fruit and makes a fruit"

In Genesis 1:12 the earth brought forth "ets oseh pri", "tree that makes a fuit" and next it says that God saw that it was good.

Good = "tov", gematria 17.

The "tov" of Genesis 1:12 is the 153rd word from the beginning.

153 is triangle 17.

If the earth had brought forth "ets pri oseh pri" instead of "ets oseh pri", then the "tov" of Genesis 1:12 would have been the 154th word from the beginning.

And "hashishi", the last word of Genesis 1:31, would have been then the 435th word form the beginning, instead of the 434th (434 being gematria of "delet = door).

And "b'hibaram" in Genesis 2:4, the last word of the first story of creation, would have been then the 475th word from the beginning, instead of the 474th (474 being gematria of "daat = knowledge)