The fiery finger of GOD wrote The Law in the tablets of stone,
And once a year the blood of a goat did for their sin atone.
That Old Covenant was for the purpose of teaching a lesson,
and now we have a better deal,
cause the blood is real, and we're no longer guessin'!

The gentle finger of Jesus wrote the Law of Love in the dust on the ground.
His forgiveness of the woman adulteress was an act of this truth so profound.
He was the one who became the goat for us, and also the ram in the thicket..
"He is the Lamb that covers our sin, and gives righteousness to the wicked.

The literal truth comes first, and leads to the abstract truth of the poet,
And the things recorded in His Book have a deeper meaning: Don't you know it?
It may not be just what you think, because the language was once confounded,
But it will surely enlighten your eyes, if your brain hasn't been impounded.