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    EXTENDED/EXPANDED PERIODIC TABLE/the electron multiverse "unity holograph 1118"

    Having problem with previous post,

    Hi everyone, I am sunshaker,

    I came to this site after googling "1118", I believe our universe to be expanding into lower dimensional space, but was unsure what this lower d space was, I thought the answer lay within the elements/nobles, I extended the periodic table and realised there was 172 elements 12 noble gases, I called element 172/noble12 Emerium and realised everything expanded within this element, which you can find here:

    Showing extended p/table

    I then realised if i added up all the electrons in all the nobles i got 1118, this is what i googled and found your 1118 unity holograph, and realised how it mirrors the structure of emerium, which is shown in the link below,

    EMERIUM 2 8 8 18 18 32 32 18 18 8 8 2

    showing how everything expands within Emerium twelve noble element172,
    I have tried to show how Emerium rebalances itself through "Noble space", you will see Emerium expands within Emerium, Emerium encases Emerium, Forming a latice,
    View 1st in smallest magnification and scroll down to see structure

    Each expansion you will see that Emerium turns 1 place clockwise, Expanding within itself to fractal infinity. bottom diagram.
    Last edited by sunshaker; 09-21-2013 at 05:23 AM. Reason: changed link source

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