I am watching the History Channel's "Cities of the Underworld" episode concerning the subterranean structures in Jerusalem, and just before the commercial they popped one of those "Interesting Facts" which was anything but factual. They said that the word "Amen" occurs over 773,000 times in the King James Bible!

And the real number? The are 78 occurrences in 72 verses!


That blooper is really off the charts. The KJV has only 31,102 verses, so if there were 773,000 occurrences of "Amen" there would have to be an average of about 25 occurrences of "Amen" in every verse! Hahahaha! But I think I know where the mixup happened. According to this site, the King James has 783,137 words ... which is pretty close to the number cited by the History Channel.