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    Quote Originally Posted by RubyPeragickqlin View Post
    to prove Ed wrong.....
    perhaps you didn't read my post.....or....couldn't answer and so swung the ''case of proof ' back to me.

    naughty boy.
    I read your post and noticed that you have not dealt with any facts or evidence of any kind. I noted that you seem to believe things that are obviously false and ridiculous. So I wanted to know if you had any intellectual standards of any kind, and if so, what you would consider sufficient to prove wellaware1 is wrong. The fact that you either could not or would not answer is all the answer I need.
    • Skepticism is the antiseptic of the mind.
    • Remember why we debate. We have nothing to lose but the errors we hold. Who but a stubborn fool would hold to errors once they have been exposed?

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    Some homework Richard.....straight from the former Presidents lips...

    so, if we want to best news, GO TO THE TOP where the buck stops,...

    the presdents fake media disclosure.

    "When reading this material and judging the research, information, diagrams, and photographic comparisons presented, there may be times you feel the truth is more frightening than any fiction.
    It is part of what Ed describes as "the roller coaster ride" of emotions that people experience when someone discovers that what they thought was history is a sham.
    The generations of faux leaders and actors thought we were fools when we gave them our greatest gift -- our trust. Let us prove ourselves now wise by laying claim to our own destiny with the real truth once again."
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