Here is a link to a video on Youtube which is of a talk given and can be found on TED.

From Beth Shapiro while explaining her interest at looking at ancient DNA, she is telling it like it is and giving us an honest appraisal.

She begins by telling us some of the standard Evolution story of migrations of animals. It really gets interesting once she begins to explain the problems with the steps required to recreate a mammoth from its original DNA.

She also tells us what is not known in the science of DNA, and that is very telling.

The footnotes to the video on Youtube read:

Published on Apr 5, 2013

Beth Shapiro is a Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, at the University of California Santa Cruz. As an evolutionary biologist she uses genomics to better understand the complex relationship between environment and the evolution of species. A pioneer in the young field called "ancient DNA," Beth travels extensively in the Arctic collecting bones of long-dead creatures including mammoths, horses, and extinct giant bears. Using DNA extracted from these remains, she hopes to learn how environment drives evolution, and why some species may be more susceptible than others to extinction.

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