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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    The above link is related to zechþ14:4. It's a post I have at another forum. 1000 Yrs before the romans came in judgement against Judah for idolotry, Israel was DIVIDED after solomon put alters on the high places of mt of olives. Thus, the 'splitting of the mt of olives' is, I believe, the splitting of Gods judgement on judah (south) and Israel/Assyria/Rome to the north while the faithful to Christ esxaped through the midst.

    This is endtimesdeut32/70AD postiing
    Here is the info at the link.

    Quote Originally Posted by EndtimesDeut32 View Post
    Re splitting mt of olives in zech 14:

    Could it be related to the splitting of the kingdom that occurred after Solimons reign but 1000 yrs later; but now a judgement against the idolitry that caused that splitting? Both pagan rome (gentiles =tribes of Israel intermarried) and judah (through continued sacrifice after the cross) were idolotrous. Rome is to the north & judah to the south (the splitting of the judgement whike the saints/believers escaped through the middle.

    see Ez 11:23 where the presence leaves the temple and "stands" on mt of olives.

    See also 1 kings 11:7 & 2 kings 23:13.

    The standing of God on mt olivet was his coming in judgement against the idolitry/sacrifice of both nimrodic ways of Rone and even of the mosaic covt.

    The judgement by God through Rome & in favor of the saints (deut 32:42) would be returned on them 65 yrs later.

    Abomination that causes desolatiin "STANDING" where it out not be as spoken by jesus sounds familiar to the "standing" in zech 14 & Ez 11:23

    Didn't the roman armies encamp on the mt of olives?

    Mt of olives is called mt. of destruction in 2 kings 23:13

    Quote Originally Posted by EndtimesDeut32 View Post
    I believe this perspective holds water from several angles.

    The judgement against nimrodic paganistic ways, beliefs & practices is split against both the north (Israel/rome/Assyrian idolotry) and judah, mosaic covt to the south. Deut 32 says the sacrificed to Gods their fathers (the patriarchs of faith in the coming seed of God) knew not. They sacrificed to molech and the law.

    This standing on the mount of olives and having it split in two is first century @ 67AD coming if Christ/God through the roman armies who themselves were to testify that the peoples own God had turned against them (deut 32).
    I looked up "mt of olives" in the dictiinary in my study bible to see what meaning it had to Israels history. That is where I found the references to Solomon building abominable alters to 'gods' of his wives cultures which would have stemmed from Nimrods/pagan influences. It was this that caused the division/splitting of the kingdom. God's judgement would come against both splits thus revealing the posessors of the favored way of truth, not once, but twice (132-135) and continuous.
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    1Thess 4:8 He therefore that despiseth, despiseth not man, but God, who hath also given unto us his holy Spirit.
    If you are oppressed and enslaved by religious law, you may have a tendency to oppress, enslave and attempt to lord over others who are free.

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    Peter K Guest


    The Bible prophecies must be read together to gain the full detail of what is to take place. The first coming of Christ was to be the offering for sin as of a lamb without blemish, fulfilling the offerings brought under the law of Moses until Christ. The second coming is equally fully prophesied. Jesus ascended to heaven from the Mount of Olives. When He returns His feet will stand in that day on the Mount of Olives which is before Jerusalem on the east. The mountain will split into two. Half will move north and half will move south. The new temple will be built on the north plateau. A river will emanate from it which will flow two ways. The west flow will descend to the Mediterranean. The east flow will descend to the Dead Sea which will be healed as a result. Fish will live in great abundance in this formerly hypersaline sea. Some try to avoid the literal fulfilment of the prophecies. There will be a real second coming of Jesus as there was a first coming. The Kingdom of God on earth will be set up at that time, fulfilling the Lord's prayer "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven"

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