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    Quote Originally Posted by L67 View Post
    lol. Like clockwork when the religious phonies get exposed they immediately take to the truth suppression conspiracy. OMG it's the Illuminati launching full scale attacks on defenders of the truth.

    I take it you aren't interested in the Michael Rood everything dvd pack for the low price of $599 marked down from $985?

    Better act fast, product won't last long at those prices.
    Hey there! I am the Great and Mighty JEWISH RABBI who dresses like a Levitical Priest. I will reveal to you the BLASPHEMOUS PAGAN PRACTICES OF GENTILE CHRISTIANITY.

    Look at my nice dress! Look at my gold cap! Can't you see I'm LEGITIMATE? Don't you see how I must be a JEWISH RABBI? My costume proves how very serious I am about this shit!

    Name:  wp3a4bfb1c_06.png
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    And I carry a staff like the PROPHET ELIJAH!

    Name:  wp55048c22_06.png
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    And for the low-low price of $599 I will SELL YOU GOD'S OWN TRUTH!

    The one truth Michael Rood banks on .... There's a sucker born every minute.
    • Skepticism is the antiseptic of the mind.
    • Remember why we debate. We have nothing to lose but the errors we hold. Who but a stubborn fool would hold to errors once they have been exposed?

    Check out my blog site

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    He's pretty sad.

    But for my money it doesn't get any better than Mike Murdock and Todd Coontz.

    These videos illustrate how religion deludes people into false hope. These videos are well worth the time to watch. They hilarious and sad at the same time.

    Here is Mike Murdock and his $1000 seed scam.

    Here is Todd Coontz with his triple favor scam.

    When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace - Jimi Hendrix

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rose View Post
    Hello Steve,

    I checked out your wife's website and must say she has done an excellent job (even though I am not into dolls) on her creations. I'm glad she is able to make an income off of what she loves to do.

    Though I was not raised in a Christian home I too (like your wife) had a very deep sense of "God" from the time I was very small. In my mid twenties I found Jesus and consequently mapped the "God" of my childhood onto the Biblegod, my absolute assurance of his existence remained unmovable until about three years ago when I began to ask tough questions about the Bible and wholeheartedly sought to find answers. One of the first books that sparked my interest was called Thank God for Evolution written by Michael Dowd. Surprisingly, I never finished that book, but jumped over to another book on evolution by Richard Dawkins called The Greatest Show on Earth. This was only the beginning of a very interesting and unexpected journey of exploration that ended up leading me out of the Christian faith.

    Those who are content to remain in their belief system - as I was all those years - will never ask the tough questions, nor seek their answers...consequently they will remain safely inside their religious boxes never venturing beyond its security. As long as you and your wife are content with where you are at there will be no pressure to move you forward, so you will remain inside the box of your belief system. If you ever begin to truly question the many problems contained within the Bible and will settle for nothing less then truth for an answer you will experience the freedom that I found. I have a blog called God and Butterfly which I started at the beginning of my journey to freedom, three years is an active journal of my metamorphosis from the cocoon of Christianity to the freedom of a butterfly. As I said, when I began my journey three years ago I never in my wildest dreams expected to end up an atheist, but here I am.

    All the best,
    Hello Rose,

    Sorry for the late response. I have this thing called a job that keeps interfering with my "free" time. Plus, I usually do the grocery shopping and supper cooking and anything else that pleases my master. You see, I really am a liberated male. Speaking of boxes. I do get in one every work day and it takes me to another box where I make more boxes to put in these things I clean, inspect, and stamp. These things (flexible busses) that look like Hebrew letters, are used to carry very high loads of power that everybody uses everyday. My masters that work in this box with me, tell me that they have plans for me to become a "master flash welder" (exact words). Flash welders use very high loads of power to melt and weld different metals like stainless steel, copper, and aluminum all at once. Most people, even welders, will tell you this can't be done. Have you ever seen a transformer explode? This is kind of like what the flash welder sounds like, only it lasts for several seconds while the metals are melting and tons of pressure force them together. I'll try to find or make a video of it.

    Thing is, Rose. This new job I have fits several literal dreams I've had. I've also experienced many synchronicities every day that confirm God's presence with me. I have a very intimate relationship with my God. I also gave him permission years ago to do whatever it takes to draw me back to him when I wander and stray. My favorite hymn when I was a young boy in Panama City, Panama, was this:

    I wasn't always a good boy and I got branded real good, twice there. Twice in my right leg. The one required 18 stitches, I believe. At the time, I thought I was going to lose my leg. Crazy thing was that it was April Fools' Day and my dad had earlier "fooled" me about having a cut on my leg. It was a sobering lesson for him about the words we let out of our mouths.

    Name:  130313_0002.jpg
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Size:  128.8 KBName:  branded 001.jpg
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    I use cut up rags (mostly t-shirts) in my cleaning. That "Branded" shirt showed up today after I had explained to my immediate supervisor about living in Panama because my parents were missionaries. There is much more to go with that synchronicity, but I'll save it for my $1.01 thread.

    I have no real desire to get into an evolution debate with you or Richard. I'll just point you to Walter Veith and let him talk.

    If you so desire, you can follow my onging story in the $1.01 thread and hopefully it will become clearer to you why I can't take the path you have chosen, even though I was somewhat tempted at times.



    Edited to change "one in each leg" to "twice in my right leg". The smaller scar was hard to find like the saying goes, "Time heals all wounds". (And time wounds all heels. ) The 2 in one leg makes the synchronism even stronger.
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    May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer. Ps 19:14 (NIV)

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