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I only spent about 10 minutes on it last night but it's actually one of the better
examples of chemtrail conditioning I've seen. There are many, many others.
Watch the short video at the called "the Chemtrails Questionaire"
to see a few good ones.

I'm absolutely certain there are many other satanic things in this poster. One needs
to do reversals, flips, rotations gematria, numerology and etc. but rest assured they
are there in plentiful amounts.

Many don't know this but the graphic artists hollywood uses are very, very good
at what they do and most of them are in the occult. Another thing most don't
know is these people commonly make $200 to $500 per hour. Modern propaganda,
is extremely sophisticated in the sublimity of it all.

So much so, I bet niether of you nor 1 in 25 people on average haven't even noticed
they're being covertly yet blatantly attacked with aerosols from planes in the sky.
It's not agent orange like nam, it's much more serious. Chemtrails are the largest
threat that humanity has seen over the course of recorded history. And like I said,
I'll bet you don't have the slightest clue it's even happening!!! That's a successful
propaganda and conditioning exercise.

btw; Bitmaps lose clarity in the program I use (canvas) but it's not worth taking
into adobe ps.

Happy Friday all