Sometime ago i began to play with my computer looking for Torah codes after read the M.Drosnin book. I think there was something more behind the Drosnin discoverment.
I follow this algorithm:

1.- I read the first word of hebraw Torah and calculate the gematric value.
2.- i write this value with hebrew letters paying attention to an exception: When the word have a 1000 value this is "translated" like 400-400-200(Tav-Tav-Resh) and if its bigger than 1000 the number begin by Aleph
(Ex.:1105= 1000+100 + 5=Aleph Qof Hei).

After repeating this two simple steps with all the Torah words we have a new secuence of letters. Original Torah have 304805 letters and, after transformation, we hace 196520 letters and..

196520= 289x680= 17 x 17 x 17 x 40= 40 x 17^3= 40 cubes 17 letters sided. Amazing..

YOu can find in internet the strong meanings of 288,17,40 and the cube for Jewish Kabaláh

Im still triyng to discover what is behind the cubes and i publish it because is better to share. I just discover this page and i was inspired because, if you consideer the every cube compossed with 17 "17x17 tables".
In each table you can visualize seven concentric circles(squared circles) of 8,16,24,32,40,48,56 letters and the external one(64 letters).

I hope we can decoding this divine puzzle