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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Ellsworth View Post
    Yeah everything yin/yang er pi.

    Take that symbol copy it and lay it over itself reversed, you'll get the infinity symbol
    Yeah, but so what? The infinity symbol is just a figure 8 - it is not itself an image of what infinity "looks like."

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Ellsworth View Post
    Though when I look up at theSun, I don't see a fusion reaction. I see a nuclear reaction in a gravity well. So when i look up at the sun I in-vision an explosion through time and space. I imagine its the perfect balance
    A fusion reaction is a nuclear reaction. Your comment doesn't make sense to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Ellsworth View Post

    The number 13 and Pi:

    Really this ^___ is the ultimate wheel of pi, not just the bible

    Sorry i drew some lines to help out, but basically all pi is 4 parts of 13. If you ever look at an authentic Mesoamerican calander its what you see above.
    What is that image of? It has 52 = 4 x 13 spokes. What does it mean? Do you have any info about it?

    Why do you say that pi is "4 parts of 13"? I understand that 13/4 = 3.25, but that's not very close to pi. It only gets the first digit right! And we could draw a circle with any number of spokes so I don't see how it is relevant.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Ellsworth View Post

    So if my theory correct and you view the above pic as time instead of pi. The sun would be in the middle and time spirals outwards. Considering each planet has different factors, i bet time passes differently.
    That's a very cool crop circle. It encodes ten digits of pi.

    You seem to be confusing your concepts of space and time. If the sun is "in the middle" then the outward spirals would be space, not time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Ellsworth View Post

    Sorry not that great at explaining things, more of a thinker then anything else. I guess I'm trying to say that the faster you travel out into that your speed is compounded (doubled) exponentially and can be manipulated by many factors. So light top speed when leaving this galaxy is unknown, and cannot be measured in definite terms.
    You would do well to try to explain things better at least to yourself since that is required for clear thought.

    Why did you post the pic? I did a little Googling abouts and found out that it is a "portrait of Boturini at table on which is a manuscript depicting Veytia Calendar Wheel No. 4; he is holding an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, decorative elements and coat of arms in image. 4to (20.5 x 15 cm), mid-nineteenth-century full crimson morocco extra gilt, spine gilt with raised bands, inner gilt dentelles, marbled endpapers." It's in his book called "Idea de una nueva historia general de la America Septentrional. Fundada sobre material copioso de figuras, symbolos, caractères, y geroglificos, cantares, y manuscritos de autores indios, ultimamente descubiertos. Dedicala al Rey Ntro. Señor en su Real, y Supremo Consejo de las Indias el Cavallero Lorenzo Boturini Benaduci, Señor de la Torre, y de Hono." Google translated this for me as "Idea of a new general history of North America. Founded on material copious figures, symbolos, characters, and hieroglyphics, songs, and manuscripts of Indian writers, lately discovered. Dedicala Ntro King. Lord in his Royal and Supreme Council of the Indies Cavallero Lorenzo Boturini Benaduci, Senor de la Torre, and Hono. Licensed. eques aurentius Boturini."

    I take it you liked the circular calendar. I wonder if that is a calendar used by Native Americans? I'll have to Google more.
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    Sorry don't know how else to explain it?

    Think of yin/yang like a flying horse maybe?

    I don't know

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    Come in science do you know the eye of Jesus?

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