Hello Richard

Is it possible to set the editing feature to allow a short period of time to make typo corrections before the editing feature indicates that the post has been edited? No matter what spell checker is used according to whether I am in FF or IE, once I submit a post and skim through it, I always find a typo of two that needs correcting. Of course when I do this it shows that the post has been edited.

On some other forums, I have seen that a short period of time is allowed to make edits. I suppose the downside to some forums is that whilst they allow a short period of time to make edits, after the period has expired, that is it, no further editing is possible.

I cannot recall ever wanting to edit a post on this forum other than to carry out immediate corrections. There might be a time when I have to correct a major mistake in a sentence written in error and then I would expect an indication and the opportunity to give a reason for editing as is the way at present.

All the best,