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    Quote Originally Posted by CWH View Post
    How do you know the boys were not sexually defiled?..... Pedophilia? How do you know if they were born from incest, extra-marital affairs, temple protitutes etc.? The boys probably participated in pagan rituals as well even when they were infants as prayer offerings to their pagan gods. We do not really know what were the customs that were practised in those times. The girls were more "pure" in the sense that they have not known a man by lying with them". Perhaps, I say perhaps, the boys "have known a man by sleeping with them" as Sodom and Gommorah which is in the region of Moab were well known for sodomy.

    I can understand why they want to keep virgin girls... so that they can marry them. But why would they want to keep "baby" girls around 3 years old?.....child sex? Must be out of their minds! Most likely for their sons born from the merger of Midianites virgin women and Israelite men and for those Israelite men who managed to survive through the decades of wars.

    Thanks for the confirmation that you are not a rape victim, sorry for my wrong suspicion. I don't believe in equal male and female human rights but equal human rights in the sense that both male and female works together in their own natural ways and ability that they are endorsed for the common goal for the good of mankind and society. To me, equal human rights means that it doesn't matter if male or female is the "boss" but as long as they work to ensure for the betterment of mankind and society.

    This is a very flawed concept for we all know that even if politician, religious leaders speak out against rape and violence of all kinds, it will not stop rape and violence which people have been going on for thousand and thousand of years. But we all know that the cause of violence and rape is Money and Lust and to solve these problems is to get rid of the love of Money and Lust. Everybody knows that Money is the cause of most evils such as robberies, murders, greed, gamblings, wars, poverty etc. and Lust is the cause of rape, adulteries, fornications, prostituition, incest, pornography, pedophilia, homosexuality, molestations, nudity etc. To get rid of violence and rape is to get of the love of Money and Lust. Humanly possible?...... It is thus better to fight against love of Money and Lust than to to fight for equal human rights.

    God Bless.
    Young boys were sexually exploited and some became temple prostitutes, same with some women. This is in the belief that the Midianite's and Canaanite's God Molech or Baal will grant them good fertility and abundance of farm produce. Men and Boys were encouraged to musterbate so that their semen(seeds) that landed on the soil will help them to produce crops in abundance as based on the religion of Baal or Molech. They were also encouraged to have anal sex as they believe that will encourage fertility and manhood; therefore I believe boys were already defiled sexually since young. Beasts were also defiled in the same manner for the same reasons. Children were also sacrificed into the fire in the worship of their God Molech and Baal in the belief that such sacrifices will enhance the fertility of the land. And they would also ate the flesh of the dead. This is what I gather from the evil rituals of the religion of Molech and Baal. That also explains why there were many female virgins as the men would be more interested in boys and men in the worship of their Gods Molech and Baal. No wonder God punished them and destroyed all except the virgin girls and women as many of them were undefiled. There were also phallus worship and orgies. And no wonder there were so many virgin girls who were being rescued by the israelite soldiers and no wonder many of the men of Canaan and Moab including Sodom and Gommorrah were homosexuals.
    For more details, please refer:

    God Bless the righteous.
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