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    Quote Originally Posted by CWH View Post
    Hi duxrow,

    Lot's wife turned into a block of salt is quite ambiguous. Turning into a block of salt does not necessarily means killed and even so God can easily resurrect or "desalt" Lot's wife if He wanted to. Chemically and theorectically, it is humanly not possible to turn a human being into a block of salt but of course everything is possible with God. Looking at commentaries, one of which explains that Lot's wife was so shocked when she looked back that her body froze and her face turned pale which made her looked like a block of salt. It may be God's punishment for disobeying His instruction but on the other hand who is to blame if supposed someone told you not to look back at a strong laser light that is shining at your face and you disobeyed and did it and become blind?

    God Bless.

    In reference to Lot's wife, a "pillar" is a "vein", not a "block".

    Also, Hebrew sources indicate she "became a part of" a salt vein--produced through the natural effects of the sulphuric fire and what with it struck the Earth in that region.

    Thank you for your attention.
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