Rest My Case - Heb 4:9

Beyond the shadow of a doubt,
The habeas corpus you can't flout..
The White Throne Judgment is a must
and the only acquital is for the just.

The corpus dilecti is here on earth,
(he left it behind so we'd know..)
There's definitely been a crime committed,
Mankind had better look out below!

The Rulers of Darkness, had they but known,
Would never have smitten the Seed that was sown..1Cor2:8/1Pet1:23
They went and killed that innocent Lamb,
Not knowing he was surely the son of "I AM".

Two Testament witnesses will be at the trial,
(Prima facie evidence the world knows..)
His Will and Last Testament shown to the court
The INHERITANCE denied to all foes.

The principal accused is the Devil.. his
bloody head failed the DNA tests..
The many accessories to his crimes
will be known before Defense Rests: Heb4:9

The Counselor tells the Body of Christ
not to fear for the Head up above..
"Faith is the Evidence" we've been saved
and IN HIM we're walking in love.

The High Court will soon be convening..
Nobody's excused from this docket..
You'd better retain the Advocate Son
'Cause He's got the Judge in his pocket!