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    Fazale Rana - Unveiled masterpiece of the Cell

    To continue this thread and try to find how the first simple cell could have formed, whether by evolving from chemicals, or created by design, I am giving the link to a video/lecture on Youtube. This gives us an appreciation of the complexxity involved in the simplest of cells, even the cell membrane, which might be considered to be a "simple" component of the cell. The video/lecture was posted just over 12 months ago on Youtube.

    The speaker is Dr Fazale Rana, who has a PhD in biochemistry. What is presented is from a scientist. The fact that he is a Christian does not take away from the complexity of the problem in understanding how the cell could have evolved or was designed.

    With cell production, we are introduced to topics like; molecular motors, production processes, quality control, chicken and egg systems.

    The subject of information carried by the DNA moluecule is not covered in this lecture.

    The video is 59 minutes long.

    In order to drill down and get to the simplest components first, my question is; What is the simplest part of the simplest cell? Whatever the answer is, can this simplest part be man-made from the assembly of basic chemicals or biochemicals? If it can be man-made, which is the deliberate forcing together of the chemicals by man's control, then than gives the possibility that those same chemicals might have spontaneously interacted (in the right conditions) to prove the evolution process could have begun.

    Here is the link to the video:

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    Cell Walls ......

    The simpliest human cell is amazingly complex, rather than simple as evolutionists would have hoped for.

    The first magical process, probably for mystically minded evolutionists, would be that once upon a time, way back in their primodial past vapours and mists, the components of a cell just happened to be close together, and boom, bang, a permeable cell wall just appeared out of no where, and the processes within a cell wall could magically make themselves gather together to form a living organism..... under the all seeing and watchful eye of their God, of Evolution.

    But as we know, as scientists know, cell walls or cells, or forces or laws were not created by luck and chance and they have not evolved.

    There is no simple cell.... nothing gets more complicated and advanced with time. The direction of time, and the LAW of THERMODYNAMICS dictates that all living material goes to a state of lesser organization..... IE... it lives and then decays and dies...

    Evolution is a LIE, to put it mildly.

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