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    DNA Both Generates, And Is Affected By, Light And Sound?

    I was reading at Stephen Jones' website - www.god' this morning and found this excerpt.

    "Yet there is a higher force/power operating in us that is distinct from the DNA itself. I learned this from reading David Wilcock's book, The Source Field Investigations, published last August. He tells how Dr. Peter Gariaev made discoveries suggesting that the complete codes in DNA are located somewhere other than in the DNA itself.

    He took DNA samples and put them in a small quartz container and shined a mild laser light on it. He observed it with very sophisticated equipment capable of detecting even single photons of light. He discovered that the DNA absorbed the photons like a sponge, rather than bouncing away or merely passing through it. The light was stored, not in the DNA itself, but in a DNA-like spiral above it.

    The shock, however, came when the experiment ended. Dr. Gariaev moved the quartz container out of the way, and to his amazement, the light-spiral remained in the same spot as if the DNA were still there! As Wilcock says,

    "Whatever was holding that light in place, it did not need the DNA molecule at all. It was something else. Something invisible. Something powerful enough to store and control visible light within the shape of the DNA molecule itself. The only rational scientific explanation is that there has to be an energy field that is paired up with the DNA molecule—as if DNA has an energetic 'duplicate.' This duplicate has the same shape as the physical molecule. . . It doesn't need the DNA molecule to be there in order for it to keep on doing its job—storing visible light. Some force, perhaps akin to gravity, is holding the photons in place." [The Source Field Investigations, p. 161, 162]

    Now, if nature teaches us the mind and ways of God, it seems to me that true science ought to teach us about spiritual things. It seems to me that at the very least, this discovery shows that there is a distinction between soul and spirit—seen in the distinction between the DNA and its "energetic duplicate."

    As David Wilcock pursued this discovery further, building upon it with later scientific discoveries, he showed that the vortex and helix shape of the DNA and its duplicate is the point where the two realms of matter/soul and spirit actually connect. It is the "Zero Point," where one overcomes gravity, time, and space.

    Wilcock then says,

    "The implications of this are mind-boggling. . . . So, just by a simple extension of Gariaev's experiment, it is very likely that our entire body must have an energetic duplicate. . . we find out that perhaps the most important thing the DNA molecule does is store li ght—both in our physical body and in our energetic duplicate body as well. Obviously, conventional science is significantly in need of an overhaul." [p. 162]

    "And that's not all. When Gariaev blasted this Phantom with liquid nitrogen, which creates a sudden burst of great cold, the light spiral would disappear—but then it mysteriously returned after five to eight minutes. . . Even if you destroy the coherence in the area where the DNA Phantom had been, in this case by the sudden blast of cold, it will repair and restore that coherence once more." [p. 162, 163]
    This Phantom effect lasted up to 30 days, Dr. Gariaev found. What exactly is this energetic duplicate? In my view, this is just a scientific way of talking about our spirit and the realm of spirit. Wilcock called it "The Source Field."

    I followed one of the links on this blog entry to this page

    I'm not sure how many people here have heard of anything like this stuff, but it blows my mind. Scientist send a laser beam along a strand of DNA and the laser isn't straight anymore, but bends to the radius of the helix, only in a "halo" right above it? Then they remove the DNA and the laser light continues to hold in this spiral for various lengths of time, up to 30 days? There are so many areas of thinking about reality which are affected, it's hard to know where to start. First, I find it interesting that "light" and acoustical patterns of various frequencies ("language") are intimately intertwined with the basic building block of all life (DNA) and perhaps with all matter. "In beginning God said "Let there be light". Based on a human perspective, in that statement you have an acoustical pattern ("God said") and the introduction of light. Another area that comes to mind is the question of common descent. If it is true that light and sound can re-arrange the "language of DNA", then the question of how all living things have common structures in their DNA has a possible explanation other than common descent. Maybe what all the things alive today have in common is not a common ancestor, but that they had each had their own ancestors, each of which had their DNA affected by the same input of light and/or sound energy at the same time.

    The following quote from the second paper on the page link above makes me wonder how anyone can take a "scientific expert's" word on anything.

    " A half-lie is the worst lie, because people have reason to believe it - and this is especially true with respect to the genetic coding paradigm. In this field, everything is an impregnable bastion for critics, and everything is ruled by dogma. Even the key definition, the strategic scheme of genetic coding (DNA-> RNA-> protein), is called “the Central Dogma”. Until recently, all attacks on this dogma seemed trivial and doomed to failure. That was an incorrect assumption, as it turned out. The accuracy and effectiveness of research strategies dealing with HIV, cancer and many other pathologies depend on whether we orderly understand the genetic coding mechanism. The discovery of reverse transcriptase was the first spectacular breach in this dogma, which as a result was re-assigned a more discreet, working-hypothesis status: DNA Û RNA--> protein. However, our ideas on protein biosynthesis are gradually eroding: each new model is just an approach to the truth, to the understanding of the genome language-image pluralism as coding tool for the spatiotemporal structure of biosystems [32, 33]."
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    Hi Silence,

    I am currently reading a book called The Spiritual Genome by Brad Bartholomew. In the book he talks a lot about the ability of DNA to absorb and emit Biophotons which are a very weak photons given off by biological systems. They think that Biophotons are used to transmit information within and between cells through microtubules which are perfectly suited for transmission of Biophotons in the UV range. DNA could also be used to store binary data by flipping the spin of the valence electrons in the outer-shells of atoms in the DNA. This could possibly be how "memory" for inherited instincts are stored in the DNA, because each outer-shell of an atom has 4 orbitals that can each hold 2 electrons of opposite spin for a total of 8 quantum bits of information (qubits).

    I'm only part way through his book, but so far it's very interesting...

    Never trust anything you are afraid to question ~

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