We all know how quickly posts get buried on long threads. It can be frustrating to spend an hour or two writing an exceptional post only to see it lost in a sea of comments, never getting the response it deserves. The forum software has a feature that allows me to promote posts to articles that are displayed on the home page. I am therefore inviting folks to nominate posts they would like to see promoted. You can nominate your own posts or those of others.

I am looking for exceptionally good posts that present the best arguments for a position, whether written by a skeptic, Christian, Muslim, or whatever. If you have written a post or seen one by someone else that you think is worthy of promotion, please post a link here or PM me. My intent is to find the posts with the highest quality that add a lot of value to the conversation and deserve to be answered. So if your opponent in a debate writes such a post, you would want to see it elevated since it gives you the best opportunity to publicly refute it.

A primary test of the intent and integrity of internet debaters is if they can state the best evidence supporting the positions of their opponents. If they can't do that, then they are not seeking truth but rather just pushing their own opinion. Such people never admit when their arguments have failed, but just twist words and change the subject. They don't care about truth and so discourse with them is vanity. This is why I encourage folks to nominate posts written by their opponents if they present the best evidence for the opposing view. It greatly elevates the value of the conversation.

So if you want your posts to get more exposure, write an exceptional one and nominate it. It's OK to represent arguments by others if you think they are very good. The idea is to filter out the best of the best so that we can have some high quality discourse.