I just added a new widget to the forum sidebar called "Recent BWB Blog Comments." This integrates my blog with the forum. If you have been following the thread called Should man rule over women for women's own good? you have probably noticed that the newest comments were not showing up on the "New Forum Comments" sidebar on the page that lists the forums. This is because I used the "Promote to Article" function which allows me to promote any post in the forum to an article on the home page of this site (the Bibles, Wheels, and Brains Blog). This function is very cool. We all know how quickly forum posts get buried and lost under many comments. This function allows me to elevate exceptionally good posts to articles so they can get the attention they deserve. Unfortunately, the vBulletin software does not have a built-in function to show the Blog comments in the forum section so folks would have to check the home page or the Activity Stream to see what's going on. I wrote some code to fix this problem. You can now see the latest comments for both the Blog and the Forum on both the Blog and the Forum.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for further improvements.