Thankyou Lord Jesus Christ,for fulfilling your promise and word for us, that we received our new government last Saturday. Praise You Lord Jesus Christ that they also won by a land slide, just as You said they would. Thankyou Lord Jesus Christ for exposing all the false prophecies about our election as false, and may those that spoke false prophecies, including the one that spoke one of our politicians will be the king of Australia, as false and wrong.
May You deal with the false, just as You have chosen to do, and will do. Thankyou also for bringing it into being that the one that wanted to change Australia into a secular nation will never be Prime Minister of our nation.

We thankyou Lord Jesus Christ, that You are our only King and we also praise You as we long for the fulfilling of Your Government coming forth out of Your Kingdom, in our world, the fulfilling of Christ in the midst of Your Body. Thankyou Lord Jesus Christ that you can bring in governments and take them out. Thankyou for caring and hearing our Cry to you. Thankyou Lord Jesus Christ for the dealing with the bullies and oppressers that have been in our government, that also made our lives miserable and a living nightmare. Thankyou Lord Jesus Christ for showing and revealing to many that they can not corrupt Your word, solely for their own gain and their desires and agenda. Thankyou for touching those that have come into government for vitality of life to come with Your newness, Your Light of Life to come into our government and leadership and for making them realise we not only want a good government, but we also want a more compassionate and caring government, society and country and world. May this herald and bring forth Your Eternal Good Government. Praise You Lord Jesus Christ that You can anoint whom You will to meet whatever task that needs to be met,
and touch the multitude to do Your will, in Lord Jesus Christ's name and sovereignty, amen.

Praise You Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

Advancing Christ's Kingdom
Mother Serenity Grace
Homeheart Ministeries
His eternal love is in our home and our home is in His eternal love...John 14:20-1