The programming language that drives this forum is called PHP. It has a feature called PCRE. The software was upgraded by this site's host a few days ago, and a new bug appeared. When you click "Reply With Quote" the edit box will sometimes be empty. So in order to quote, you must copy and paste the text you want to quote. It's not a big deal, but it is a bother and I'm looking into getting it fixed asap. The real problem is that sometimes nothing will show in the box when you want to edit your post. Now that's frustrating! And there is work-around right now. This post on the vBulletin support forum says that the bug is not in the vBulletin software but rather in the upgrade to PCRE 8.21. They say it is fixed by downgrading to PCRE 8.20. I've contacted my site host and am hoping they will be able to fix this for us.

In the meantime - you might need to copy/paste a bit.