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Hi Richard

Yes, you are right. It does not matter what we say, if someone is not open to hear they will not. We therefore have to leave all our loved ones and friends in the hands of God. We know that God wishes all to be saved so we need to pray for these people, trusting that God will certainly do everything He can to get through to them. If there is no change then we must trust that there will be a change later, or if there is no change then we have to trust that God has either already presented them with truth and they haver rejected it or God has other methods of judging those who die in error of which we know nothing.

In either case we need to learn to live by faith, trusting that behind the scenes God does what He can and that no-one is going to be lost because He has not been working. The death of Christ makes that perfectly clear. God is not just going to sacrifice His son and then leave us to our own devices. I cannot explain why at this point in my life I discovered that I had been in a false religion. I do not know why the time was ripe for me to accept a different direction. But accept I did and I praise God for that!

Good morning Elisabeth,

I am truly amazed that that you were able to get free after five decades of indoctrination. It is a mystery - I don't know why some folks "wake up" and others remain asleep in the falsehoods. It doesn't seem like it's just an "act of God" since in that case we arrive at the Calvinist doctrine of monergism which seems to contradict the entire thrust of Scripture as a Divine Appeal for truly free moral agents to repent and turn to God. But I don't have any other explanation since we are dealing with the deep mysteries of the inner workings of the soul and what it means to be a "free moral agent." In any case, I certainly didn't mean that you should not develop and present the best possible arguments against the errors of the SDA since they will help free the soul that wants to be free. And I guess that highlights the bottom line - there is no volume of valid arguments sufficient to free a soul that chooses falsehood.