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    Quote Originally Posted by highflyertoo View Post
    The name Jesus is no where to found in the prophecies of the Old Testament.
    True, but the name Yahoshua/Yeshua, aka Joshua is. That is where the English name Jesus derived. Admittedly, that name did not seem to appear in the OT as a reference to the Jewish Messiah that was to be the king described in Daniel's intepretation of the babylonian king's dream in Daniel 2.

    Quote Originally Posted by highflyertoo View Post
    The name Immanuel is found to be the name that was given to God's Son when he was born.......
    According to the anonymous gospel writer that would appear to be the case. But, that is only so because the writer did a bit of unfounded quote mining from Isaiah 7 in an apparent attempt to convince readers of his gospel that the Jesus charactor he wrote about was indeed the messiah the scriptures prophecied about. The problem with the writer's strategy becomes apparent when one actually reads Isaiah and realizes that the passage in the 7th chapter has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the Jewish messiah that Daniel spoke of.

    Quote Originally Posted by highflyertoo View Post
    . And for those of you who say Jesus means Saviour,then understand that when the Messiah was born he was called ''Saviour'' by his guardian parents as part of recognition that he was the choosen one to save people from their sins. Yet he was given the name Immanuel as his personal birth name to complete the prophecy of Isaiah 7:14....

    So he was called Immanuel the Saviour . It's all true.
    Read the full context of Isaiah. What you will find is that what you have been led to believe was a messianic prophecy was likley nothing of the sort.

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    gfrancisd Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by highflyertoo View Post
    The Saviour's name is not Jesus Christ

    The Saviour's name is Immanuel the Messiah as foretold by the prophets Isaiah and Daniel

    I have been suggesting to people to check up for themselves the scriptures that say the Saviour's personal first birth name called Immanuel, and his choosen title name called Messiah.

    The name Jesus does not translate to the personal name Immanuel.

    The name Christ does not translate to the title name Messiah.

    This because of calling on the wrong name is a huge reason as to why God doesn't send healers to make the blind,deaf,dumb and diseased all well. So unless the flock gets educated by reading up the personal name of God's Son would be given at birth and the specific title name declaring his anointing to be of much more importance than others before him,then there will be no one will receive the gift of the ''Laying on of the Hands''

    So fakers such as Benny Hinn,Kenneth Copeland and Creflo Dollar will never have the power of the Laying on of the Hands because they don't even know the Saviour's foretold personal name that was to be used in general public.

    The name Messiah means ''Anointed of YHVH''... whereas the name Christ only means ''anointed''

    The name Immanuel means ''YHVH with us'' .... whereeas Jesus means?

    The name Jesus was never given as a prophetic name to the Hebrews to teach the whole World....... Better you believers find out what you are really trying to honour.

    Immanuel the Messiah is the Saviour

    God Bless you all.

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